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Go to: Junkies in jackboots: Nazi soldiers given highly addictive crystal meth to help them fight harder and longer

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More ridiculous hyperbole from the Daily Mail, showing how unreliable that newspaper is on any subject. There are at least two important reasons why this creates a false impression of the German army during WW2.

Firstly, as others have pointed out the Germans were not the only nation to make use of stimulants during WW2. In fact there's evidence that suggests the allies made even more use of equivalent drugs.

Secondly it is a matter of proportion. The article cites 200 million doses were used from 1939 to 1945. The size of the German armed forces during this 5 year period varied between 10 and 13 million men. So those 200 million doses amount to about 8 doses per man spread over a period of 5 years. Even if you assume that the drugs were only used in the first 2 years of the war during the campaign in Poland, the Battle for France and Barbarossa, and if the usage was concentrated on a few frontline units, to say they were junkies is absurd. I'm rather surprised that so few drugs were taken given what was at stake. As so often the Mail is more hyped up than the subject they're writing about.

Sat, 02 Apr 2011 15:08:57 UTC | #610804

Go to: Happy Birthday to Richard Dawkins

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Happy Birthday Richard.

Thanks for all your good work propagating science and reason to the masses, and for spreading enlightenment values into the dark recesses of the religious tyranny many live under throughout the world. I've read nearly all your excellent books and appreciate your crystal clear style of writing.

Long may it continue.

Sun, 27 Mar 2011 17:49:44 UTC | #607972

Go to: Don't Mind the Gaps

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That was just a bit of fun. I especially liked the Tide Fairy.

Ridicule is a powerful weapon against bigots like O'Reilly. And he is a moron for believing those things (if he really does). However, I suspect that he (and many others at Fox) just use their pretended religion beliefs to further a political agenda and keep a well paid job.

Sun, 27 Mar 2011 17:43:07 UTC | #607971

Go to: PZ Myers Skepticon 3 & and brief encounter outside the conference

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Comment 87 by Peter Grant :

PZ was exposing a fallacy of the guy's position. Specifically that his ignorant position is just as valid and as justified a PZ's educated one:

Creationist: "Well He knows that, He created that. That's the mysteries of God! That's the wonderment of God... I mean, I understand that you're not gonna believe me and I'm not gonna believe what you're gonna say."

PZ: "Yeah but there's a good reason for that, and that's that you're a ignorant fool and I'm an educated scientist."

Creationist: "Well I think that you and I have had an intellectual conversation."

PZ: "No, no, no, don't delude yourself. No you haven't, you've been ignorant."

Creationist: "Well I'll just tell you this, I've been courteous to you and you didn't show that to me when you called me an ignorant fool. So I'm sorry, I'm sorry you called me that."

PZ: "This is the greatest courtesy I can show you is honesty."

Thanks for the transcript. Almost right. Instead I heard this:

PZ: "No, no, no, don't delude yourself. No you haven't, you've been in denial."

My opinion on all this is that the guy was ignorant of the scientific explanations and he was foolish to argue his version of reality based on the bible. It was the sum of 21st century knowledge versus bronze and iron age witterings of of a few ignorant goat herders. PZ was right to call the guy what he was.

It is not as though he simply addressed a random stanger off the street. This creationist loon was handing out copies of On the origin of Species with the Ray Comfort introduction while picketing Sketicon. The PZ engaged him in conversation for some 12 minutes and the guy was just reguritating the same old creationist nonsense that we've all heard many times before. He wasn't listening to PZ who answred his questions honestly and knowledgeably and didn't want to face the fact that science has a better explanation. At the end he tried to get away with arguing that the two positions were somehow equivalent. That's what provoked PZ to call him what he was, an ignorant fool.

If you want to watch the whole exchange between PZ and this guy in an uneditted clip it is here : The part of interest lasts from about 4.30 mins to 16.30.

Wed, 02 Feb 2011 17:05:42 UTC | #587019

Go to: What Should Replace Religions?

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I like what Dan is suggesting. A lot of so called Christians don't really believe in the resurrection or that Jesus was the son of God or that sort of supernatural woo woo; they just go to church for the social side of community. I know several friends and family members who I strongly suspect (but don't know for sure) have this attitude despite attending church fairly often. A secular alternative that provided these facilities would be just as acceptable to them or more so.

Futhermore, I come from a farming background and many of my family members are buried in local churchyards and I feel a sense of attachement to those old parish churches where my ancestors worshipped every Sunday(and gathered for weddings and funerals). It would be a great shame for the old churches to fall into ruin or to be sold and developed into non community buildings. So Dan's idea for their re-use for a secular community would mesh nicely with preserving historic buildings.

Thu, 27 Jan 2011 14:49:10 UTC | #584757

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