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”We are a church of sinners, but also of (people who have not been outed for sinning yet)."

Wed, 01 Sep 2010 12:23:48 UTC | #509140

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I agree that these types of movies are frustrating because in the end nobody has learned that their god is a sham and we're pretty much back to where we started. I enjoy watching them because religious ideas are a source of humor for me, at first. And then I start getting scared that people with those ideas exist and then it brings me to my more productive phase of debate. I'll watch it because my frustration will keep the atheist fire burning bright. It keeps me confident in my arguments when I understand what the opposition really believes.

It would be nice though, for a change, if there was a movie that had people who were confronted with scientific fact versus their unwarranted beliefs and their conclusion was, "Oh. Yeah... I... I guess that makes a lot more sense. Gosh. I never thought of it that way."

Sun, 27 Jun 2010 13:12:16 UTC | #484068

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