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Atheists seem to have hit a nerve. What an anguish ridden content-lite op-ed. But he is on to something. I've long felt it would be a good strategic move to shine the spotlight on the Catholic hierarchy. For one they are a little nutty and make a good target. They are also a stain upon humanity. It's not just the poor altar boys. Their reach is much more insidious. In one of countless examples, the scourge of AIDS in Africa would not have been as virulent if not for Vatican policies on sex and birth control. Most of all, I don't think even atheists realize the role the Catholic church and radio blowhards played in the McCarthy era to snuff out the flame of freethought that burned through most of U.S. history. (Susan Jacoby's A history of Amrican secularism is a must read). The Catholic church's complicity in retarding a modern, scientifically savvy civilization since the middle ages has been innumerable. And they remain as pestilent as ever.

Tue, 01 Dec 2009 01:57:00 UTC | #418679

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I've been critical of Shermer myself but I feel he's being punched below the belt. Some posters take Shermer to task for making assumptions on the nature of divinity. I did not for the briefest instant come away thinking that Shermer has any belief in divinity in any way, shape or form. It's quite clear that when he speaks of divinity he's merely empathizing with the believer, and conveying that IF one was to accept the premise of such a divinity, certain perspectives ensue that defer to science as the means to unraveling the grandest of mysteries.
Of course Shermer does not believe this himself, and merely sees himself as playing the diplomat exploring grounds for comity.
My objection is Shermer does science and reason a disservice by going down this route. That's all.

Mon, 30 Nov 2009 04:07:00 UTC | #418236

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None of those criticizing Shermer in this thread discount the importance of Public Relations savvy in advancing the cause of science. And most of us even like Shermer despite his collaboration with Templeton and being an Ayn Rand worshipping wing nut. We fully believe that in writing the CNN piece he had the best of intentions. Our gripe is that his way of going about it -by misrepresenting what the essence of science is- amounts to a Faustian deal.

Sun, 29 Nov 2009 20:00:00 UTC | #418047

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Okay. I give up. I'm tired of fighting. I concede one may take the view that evolution is part of nature and a wonderful facet of the Almighty's grand plan. As a matter of fact, denying evolution is tantamount to denying a key element of God himself and is thus sacrilege. This line of thought should advance science amongst the masses.
I have an itty bitty request Dr.Shermer, all in the name of honesty. If you could append this video to your articles:

It's about a fascinating creature called the Guinea Worm. It afflicts without much discrimination those living in certain rural areas... babies, children, women, hardworking farmers. It is interesting because it showcases evolution with such grandeur. It is contracted by drinking infected water. But such is its life cycle that it must also spawn in water. As the worm exits one's skin, it causes excruciating burning that makes one run to the nearest pond to submerge one's limb in to relieve the torment... unless you're a baby, in which case you just tough it out :-(. The sheer beauty of evolution. At this point, the seed for the next generation is released into the water.
It is such an incredible life cycle, that no doubt came about by an Almighty supervised Evolution. I'm not sure what exactly this says about God. But it sure says something about one willing to seek the good grace of such a sick fuck.

Dr. Shermer, think what you may about Christians and Muslims. But in a way you have to respect the fundus amongst them for the stand they take.

Sun, 29 Nov 2009 07:26:00 UTC | #417881

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I am vexed Dr. Shermer. In the vein of picking your battles carefully and choosing strategy wisely, one may concede that evolution is controversial. This would placate a swathe of citizenry and biology may continue to be taught unencumbered and without poisoning the civility amongst ourselves. Think about it... would you not like to extend the reach of biology?

You are clearly willing to dilute the essence of science by suggesting that faith may be be compatible with its absolute antithesis: the very methodology grounded in rationalism and empiricism. From there, giving evolution the shaft should be a very small step.

P.S. For those who may have missed it, Jerry Coyne has a superb essay in The New Republic on science and religion titled "Seeing and Believing".

Sun, 29 Nov 2009 06:38:00 UTC | #417872

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