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Comment 7 by Schrodinger's Cat :

Ah yes, hell. That place where Jesus supposedly spent 3 days suffering the eternal punishment for believers. Mathematics is obviously not God's strong point.

I wonder if there is a "Jesus Slept Here" sign down there in hell????

Fri, 17 Jun 2011 16:24:36 UTC | #639654

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Reply to Nordic11:

Actually, I think most everyone on this site welcomes the presence and input of a Christian such as yourself. It is this type of interaction that leads to the discussions that most people here love and hope to have with theists. I am mostly a lurker, but I think that any Christian who wants to engage in an honest discussion concerning theism-vs-atheism will find this a welcoming forum with a large collection of very open-minded and friendly people.

Mon, 02 May 2011 18:37:26 UTC | #622134

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Given our history of exploitation, conquest and genocide I wish I felt comfortable saying that we should make contact. But the fact that there are probably so few indigenous, undiscovered tribes remaining on the planet means that there is probably not a lot to exploit there. This would bode well for the tribe. We here in the U.S. have already pretty much annihilated what was a robust Native American culture and society living here when we bumped up onto shore a few centuries ago. So forgive me if I have doubts about our better nature.

I would like to think that we would allow the tribe to decide whether or not to remain isolated after their discovery, but history tells me that is probably not going to happen. In situations like this, death seems to follow in our wake.

Fri, 21 Jan 2011 20:03:26 UTC | #582170

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Comment 8 by Steve Zara

Great suggestions!

Fri, 21 Jan 2011 19:51:58 UTC | #582164

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I guess there are probably no two situations which are exactly alike. And I think I agree with some of the other comments, that in many cases there is not a need to "come out", in the sense of some kind of grand announcement. I don't wear my atheism on my sleeve or necessarily feel the need to wear an equivalent of the Christian crucifix to signify I'm part of the atheist community. I have found, for myself, the best thing to do is just let it leech out during the process of living my life. People know me as the person that I am. I hope that the way I live is looked on as a positive example for others. I try to develop relationships with people and be known as a giving, trustworthy and moral person. And when the opportunity arises to let someone know that whatever altruistic motivations I might have are not fueled at all by any religious belief, but by the fact that we are all human beings trying to survive on this pale blue dot, I am often then presented with an opportunity to inform the person that, yes, I am an atheist.

Needless to say, though, the task is much more daunting when it comes to family. Every family is different. I am slowly dipping my toe in the water there and I think a dramatic outing can often be counterproductive. As I said, every situation is different, and we all have to find and take advantage of those opportune times that arise to begin the process of preparing family members for that time when you finally say those words they will probably dread to hear, "Yes, I'm an atheist"

Fri, 21 Jan 2011 19:42:49 UTC | #582162

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