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I think religious people are saying something that we can't or won't hear. I, too, have no idea what it means "to make the belief more sincere." However, evidently the author does/did or he wouldn't have used up his word count on it.

Shouldn't we find out what this means and why it is important to him? I am as frustrated as anybody else, but I'm tired of my own expressions of "what? how can anyone believe that?" which I not only do not follow up on, but also trot out again in my head at the very next religious opinion I hear. Let's at least work with people who seem willing to meet us part way.

This author went some way to be fair to our viewpoint. Let's consider that he isn't a moron, and that there is something we don't know. I hate sounding like a wimpy "can't we all get along" type, but we are all complaining so loudly that I can't hear anyone think.

Mon, 21 May 2007 06:48:00 UTC | #40598

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Honestly! This is like alleging that we in the first instance stole the emperor's invisible clothes and in the second instance are apparently even wearing them. And we STILL can't see them, because our underimaginative atheist eyes just are not up to that level of expressive appreciation! (Of course, all this time we thought we were just visiting a nudist colony, but oh no...!)

How do their minds do that? This is like being in a movie to which no one has sent you the script and in which all the characters think they are real. How deep was that rabbit hole again? I'm sorry I am ranting. There was something straw-and-camel-ish about this one.

Sun, 20 May 2007 21:38:00 UTC | #40443

Go to: Atheists for Jesus

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The transformative power of doing good, "being nice'" is a well-known, though rarely discussed in secular media, consequence of following Christ and live as He preached. As an example, see the Mennonites in Pennsylvania, translating His word into action through forgiveness. Are they blind, stupid followers or rational people who freely choose to act a certain way based on their particular theistic view? Who would we rather have for a neighbor--them or you, Prof Dawkins?

Mon, 04 Dec 2006 11:36:00 UTC | #9779

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