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Go to: Evan Solomon Interviews Richard Dawkins

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Just to add. I agree with rev8476. This wasn't an interview to educate the public on what "new atheism" is all about. It's a rapid fire session of bunk that explains nothing, and keeps the morons feeling superior.

That's why it's so short, that's why there were so many questions.

So superficial.

Wed, 17 Dec 2008 18:03:00 UTC | #288585

Go to: Evan Solomon Interviews Richard Dawkins

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I love how at the end they're floating on a cloud of smug, only for one of them to say:

"Darwinian impulse to slap someone upside the head"

Logical fallacies and violence. Sounds about right for debating a Theist.

Wed, 17 Dec 2008 18:01:00 UTC | #288584

Go to: Richard Dawkins interviews Derren Brown

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My heroes. Both of them.

It was Derrens' book, that I assumed would be all about mental tricks and secrets, that actually started me on my trip out of religion. Exactly because it superficially didn't look like a book about scepticism, but about magic.
In fact looking at his book now, it seems almost obviously engineered to teach scepticism of religion etc.
From this book I read The God Delusion that was recommended in it and here I am now.

So yeah, if you have any friends that are a bit in to woo, or think Derren can actually read minds, but would shun TGD, get them Derrens' book as a present.

It's a trojan horse.

Thu, 11 Dec 2008 12:57:00 UTC | #286260

Go to: All aboard the atheist bus campaign

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ROFL at the amount raised, versus the target!

I wish hell existed just so I could spend eternity amongst the coolest people on this planet.

I've hit that time of the month where my Amazon card payments are rejected thus signalling the end of my pay packet. I'll donate some next month!

Thu, 23 Oct 2008 01:05:00 UTC | #255845

Go to: Palin: average isn't good enough

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People have a conclusion long before they read this article Richard. They mearly skim it to give their comment similar context.


You sure do live up to the stereotype here:

Wed, 03 Sep 2008 00:29:00 UTC | #228840

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