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I haven't read all posts, busy this morning, but there is a lot of evidence of muslims moving to the west to escape this oppression and, at the first opportunity, removing said clothing. It even happens in the middle east with women removing them in "western" malls to blend in with the tourists.

Perhaps we need to hear from more people who have discarded them when moving to the west, and why?

Sat, 14 Aug 2010 23:45:42 UTC | #500450

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"What I would wish to see is some sort of Psychological study (and Neurological, if it helps) into what makes believers ditch irrational assumptions in the light of clearer thinking. It would be very beneficial because what I would love to see is a clearing up of the, what I sincerely suspect, is a misunderstanding of branding fundamental believers as 'hopeless causes'."

A good point. I'm sure it's being worked on. Well, I hope so.

My experience recently of a blog owner is similar to that of Cluebot recently :-(

Wed, 07 Jul 2010 17:08:24 UTC | #487079

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