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Go to: 'The Genius of Charles Darwin' wins 'Best Documentary Series' at the British Broadcast Awards 2009!

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Re 98. Comment #328317 by susandonne on January 27, 2009 at 8:12 am

Download a tor bundle from and install it on your computer. The client proxies your requests through a cloud network of tor hosts that are distributed all over the world. The hosts have cryptographically secured connections between each other and that makes tor resistant to deep packet inspection. It was initially used to provide anonymity but it is now used more and more by the Chinese people to circumvent the Great Firewall of China:

Thu, 29 Jan 2009 11:14:00 UTC | #314101

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I played with the Spore creature creator right after the demo was first released. It is a lot of fun, even if you don't make penis men. And maybe this is committing the sin of pride, but I was a much more creative designer than God ever was.

I wanted to make a fast raptor creature, and I started out with a one-leg-pair design, I admit that this was based on God's prior art (dinosaurs). The problem was, that even with the fastest legs it didn't max out the possible speed, and what kind of predator would that be, if it can never run as fast as its prey? Ok, I added another pair of the fast legs, but this still wasn't fast enough. It looked like a common tetrapod at this time, and it's rather strange that they all look so similar. And this is kind of typical for God's design, he copies and copies the same design with small and boring variations again and again. Not very creative, if you ask me.

Now I went ahead and added another leg pair, and I saw, that it was good - and it also maxed out the speed. But it makes one wonder, why God never added another pair of legs to the Cheetah's design to speed it up even more. Why does an omnipotent designer restrict himself, when I as a mere mortal could come up with something better so easily?

Then I went crazy and added five heads with lots of teeth and my raptor was really quite good at biting after that (maxed): And it could sing really beautifully with five voices at the same time. God got pwned! Pwned badly. Why can't God do, what I could do so easily? Because he does not exist, that's why. ;-)

Fri, 15 Aug 2008 17:37:00 UTC | #218738

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41. Comment #230387 by Vaal

You believe what?? Strange that nobody else in the entire world witnessed the Moon separating into two parts, and the earth's rotation changing direction.

It's probably only an allegory for the fact, that Muhammad ended the worship of Hubal, a preislamic moon god in Mecca, whose idol was worshipped as the highest ranking god in the Kaaba - by smashing it to pieces (=splitting it) after he had conquered the city. It seems obvious, that Muhammad's contemporaries would understand this meaning, but like many literalist Christians Muslim literatlists cannot be bothered to research the contexts, in which their holy texts were written, and thus hilarity ensues.

Thu, 14 Aug 2008 17:11:00 UTC | #218179

Go to: Group wants Wi-Fi banned from public buildings

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I know of a similar case of that happened in Amberg, Bavaria. Shortly after a mobile phone station with a big scary antenna was installed in a residential area the first people in the neighborhood complained about a whole range of symptoms like insomnia or visual impairment. The only problem was, that the station wasn't even in operation until many months later.

Fri, 30 May 2008 03:25:00 UTC | #176853

Go to: 'Reverse Evolution' Discovered in Seattle Fish

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A very interesting video about three-spine stickleback evolution (its armor is regulated depending on its major predator species) can be found on the site of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute:

Lecture Two (Selection in Action starting) from ca. minute 32 is about the sticklebacks (modem) (broadband), but the other lectures are awesome as well. If you have four hours time, you should watch them all ;).

Thu, 22 May 2008 10:49:00 UTC | #174293

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