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Go to: Does Religion = Superstition? G-D Forbid!

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Comment 1 by Aguazul :

Just picking up on one aspect, of the "living and enduring philosophy" derived from the religious/cultural "package". I tried previously to raise the question of where our sense of right and wrong comes from, our morality if you like. Science provides little guidance on this, and where it has been used it has gone badly ("greed is good" or ethnic cleansing or whatever). So Atheists must be getting their morality from some other source.

I wonder where people here feel that their sense of right and wrong comes from? I would guess for most it has its origins in the religious teachings that their ancestors received, and then passed on in their upbringing.

The "sense of right and wrong" seems to be innate (i.e., genetic). People born without it are called psychopaths, and psychopaths crop up at about the same rate all over the world, in every ethnic group and culture. This fact, among others, argues for a genetic basis for morality - not a cultural or religious one.

Sun, 19 Aug 2012 16:34:05 UTC | #951047

Go to: Religious Doctor Denies Medicine for HIV Positive Gay Man

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Signed. Added a scathing personal note, too. Did this physician sleep through her ethics classes in med school? Does she treat all her patients based on her assessment of their personal worth and morality? She does not deserve the title of doctor. She should be fired immediately and have her medical license suspended as well as face criminal charges. I hope they throw the book at this sorry excuse for a human being.

Tue, 03 Jul 2012 04:55:50 UTC | #948480

Go to: We Are Viral From the Beginning

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So much for the "perfect Adam" of Genesis. Now we can tell creationists that, not only do we share a common ancestor with apes and monkeys, but we're practically made out of germs; their precious little embryos are just about nuthin' but "cooties"...

Sat, 16 Jun 2012 15:37:28 UTC | #947707

Go to: Sarah Outen in a typhoon

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Sarah Outen has grit, that's for sure - and I'm sure that Richard's poem helped! Perhaps she'll make another attempt at crossing the Pacific, avoiding the typhoon season - which starts in May - next time. My husband and I are active racing sailors in the Pacific Northwest, and having participated in offshore racing here for more than two decades, I can vouch for the fact that storms on the planet's largest ocean are not kind to small boats. Thanks to a well-found boat, experienced crew, attention to weather - and luck - we've never experienced anything worse than discomfort, fatigue, bruises, mild hypothermia, cabin doors and a hatch being ripped off their hinges, and torn-up sails during some sudden fierce storms; but I've witnessed other boats capsizing, being dismasted, and losing people overboard. People who endanger others and need rescue as a result of stupidity, over-estimation of experience, and lack of preparedness make me angry - there's no excuse for that. But storms can blow up suddenly, rogue waves can come out of nowhere, water can get in, people can trip over a line and crack their skulls; accidents happen. It's good to know there are professionals ready and willing to rescue you should you really need it (although many rescues during races are performed by other racing sailors, at least in my experience - the Coast Guard mops up when sailors can't be found or the boat sinks). It looks like Ms. Outen was well-prepared and had some experience - and even though it was typhoon season, there are really no storm-free, absolutely safe periods in the north Pacific. Better luck next time!

Also, as I'm sure Richard gets many more e-mails than anyone could hope to keep up with, it was especially thoughtful of him not only to take the time to reply to Ms. Outen, but to write such a nice, uplifting poem. That made me smile!

Thu, 14 Jun 2012 17:07:22 UTC | #947424

Go to: The Dawkins Challenge

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Wait - now I'm confused. Years ago I read a story about how Caribbean natives, who had been cannibals, reacted to Spanish priests who told them they could no longer eat each other. The natives pointed out that the Spaniards regularly cannibalized their Lord. When I told this story to a Catholic friend, he said, "Don't be ridiculous. The Sacraments are symbolic." Now, the RC Church is saying that they really ARE drinking blood and eating flesh? Catholics really are vampires and cannibals?! Holy shit!

And they want us to RESPECT this kind of crazy? Okay, how about we get down to their level and start pounding stakes through their hearts when they die...just in case....okay, I know I'm not contributing any sophisticated epistemological arguments here, but then, I don't think sophisticated arguments are warranted for such primitive and ridiculous beliefs.

Thu, 14 Jun 2012 15:19:23 UTC | #947412

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