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I disagree with small children going to church schools and all that, but i don't think they are all horrible for one specific reason; It is because of church schools that I am an atheist. I also have a few atheist friends who received the conversion in the same manner.

The reason it converted me was upon attending the faith based school they taught me "science" which I realized made little sense. They also taught me what the bible actually says, after that it didn't take long to realize it sounded very much like a fairy tale.

So whereas I don't think Children should be indoctrinated, It might be a blessing to all of us in the Atheist community if there was some sort of some philosophical after school program for teens that taught many different belief systems. This would included of course the main religions, and may be some ancient non believed ones, and than also lack of religion and the beliefs on it. Most of us can remember a phrase from our youth "knowledge is power"

P.s. An odd fact Disney also helped make me an atheist. I never really started thinking about the idea of other gods/ religions till I got older and watched the movie Hercules as a young teen. Is it odd I can attribute my atheist conversion to a church school and Disney.

Sun, 15 Aug 2010 11:01:22 UTC | #500543

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Though i do not agree with all of what Pat says i believe he does make one decent point. He says we atheist seem to stray away from contradicting Islam. I myself attempt to disprove all religions, but i can see where he is coming from. He is not saying that we support Islam, but that we kinda let it sit by while we argue constantly with Christians.

If you look upon Richard Dawkins website do you see more "attacks" on Christians or Muslims? Im not saying we don't argue with Muslims or that hes correct in assuming we aren't doing it because of political correctness. Since when have we as a community really cared about being politically correct. But i think may be me myself as a American Atheist have focused to much on the harms of the Christian majority arguing with them, and not on the harms of the Muslims.

Regardless of how wrong or self contradicting Pat may be, I will after watching this at least think more about pissing off Muslims, along with the Christians. After all they are both preaching lies and bigotry so why should i limit my self the majority.

I think he might be right that if we don't fight the buds of another harmful religion we might have Muslims on the news debating us instead of Christians, and if we are honest Christians may be bad but at least our women wear what they want right now, and I'm not being stoned for spreading blasphemy. We really probably do need to fight harder against this new misinformation that is spreading.

I am not writing this out of hate for the Muslims or thinking that they are all hate-filled evil people. I am writing this because allowing any type of belief system to set unchecked leads to major problems, and who will keep religions in check besides atheist

Thu, 12 Aug 2010 17:16:24 UTC | #499558

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You know, I agree that this book is probably nothing more than old played out creationist lies, but does that mean we should call the creationist stupid. My parents are devout christians although me and my two siblings are atheist(my sister may possibly be agnostic). The thing is though i know a portion of creationist are idiots i don't think that includes all of them or the man who wrote this book.

People as a whole are trained from childhood on what to think and believe this is a biological trait which is essential for us to survive from childhood. (e.g.) You tell a child that fire is hot and will hurt him, and he believes you without sticking his head in it.

Once someone has been trained it can be hard to pull themselves out of this training, and possibly it is at the ridicule of family and neighbors. Though many of us do pull ourselves out of such things, it does not make someone stupid if they just follow what they have been thought. The fact the individual is more likely to be persecuted would imply to some that it is better blindly follow.

I do not think that these creationist are stupid. They just pick and choose what they wish to read and believe. I can't say I'm much different though i do study quite a bit on religious beliefs of all sorts i have no plans to read this book of obvious lies (that i have most likely heard before). People will believe what they are trained we should not talk about them like they are stupid, just that they are misinformed (or mis trained if you wish to describe it that way). If we wish to try to "convert" these people to atheism we must do it treating them as equals not as idiots. Though I greatly like Dawkins and his teachings he often looks down i think to much on these people.

I know this will gain me no popularity on this site saying to treat them as equals. Yes their cruel actions and lie spreading annoys me as much as any of you. But we should remember they are humans and just as important as we are. To prove that atheist are not immoral, but good upstanding citizens, we must not insult and call them stupid, but try to train them as their brothers and sisters in this journey of life.

What came from Jesus' teachings can be considered good or bad (probably some combination thereof), but there is much we can learn from them. Love your neighbor as yourself; would you listen to someone or respect someone who treated you like you were an idiot.

Thu, 12 Aug 2010 02:31:17 UTC | #499264

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