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What poor decision making of these students. Why invest everything into a degree you refuse to agree with...?

Perhaps their dream is to learn enough about biology to be able to pick apart and refute Darwinian evolution?

If their dream is to refute Darwinian evolution, it may help to have at least a basic understanding of the theory first.You can't possibly argue against something unless you know and understand both sides of the arguement first.

Wed, 07 Dec 2011 21:26:27 UTC | #896585

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I am extremely glad that the issue of the 'faith school menace' is being addressed by Dr. Dawkins. Currently, I attend a Catholic faith secondary school here in the UK. Though our Science lessons are not besotted with what is, in a way, 'propaganda', the idea of being an Atheist - of thinking for myself, and making my own mind up about Religion, is not really thought about.

During the last school year, a catholic group came into our school called 'Animate'. The whole purpose of their visit was to show us that it is right to be a Catholic, to believe in God. We were made to join in with their songs - one of them being 'Jesus is a rock and he rolls my blues away'.

I refused. As a consequence, I was made to go and see the Headmistress (a devout Irish Catholic), and explain to her exactly why I believe in what I believe. When she realised that I was an Atheist, she told me that it would perhaps be better if I left that school and attended another where my views were entertained. Surely, this is wrong.

To be singled out because of what I believe in; to be made to go to the Headmistress by the school chaplain and then be told I should move school, is outrageous.

Sun, 15 Aug 2010 22:27:09 UTC | #500801

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