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Go to: UK government bans creationist schools

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Over 150 years of irrefutable proof later, one wonders how Mr. Darwin would feel, seeing only now, this initiative adopted in the UK. I should think he would be a little disappointed. And were he here and he looked across the pond...

Its times like this I'm glad there's no afterlife.

Wed, 11 Jan 2012 05:42:59 UTC | #907161

Go to: [Updated 15th Jan]- Atheists have no right... - Atheists face Muslim-led censorship from UCL Union

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Collectively, I believe islamists have been removed from the teat too early. Their sphincter tautness is indirectly proportional to their 'laid back' index.

Chill the fuck out.

Wed, 11 Jan 2012 05:10:06 UTC | #907157

Go to: Be Strident, Hitchens Tells Dawkins in His Final Interview

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This labelling is purely an emotional response, the atheist argument provokes thought, and that can unweave the comfort blanket, which in turn can provoke a response to the messenger. Just as a child may harbour ill-will toward whomever disabuses them of the existence of Santa Claus.

That it occurs is decidedly a good thing. The strategy need not change, stay on message, it's working as it is.

Be clear, concise and cogent and with reason on our side, the argument will be won.

We have many strident orators thankfully, and from among them how interesting it is that Mr. Dennett largely escapes the wrath of the godhead. Could it have anything to do with his curious similarity with the said Mr. Claus?

Thu, 05 Jan 2012 19:37:24 UTC | #905603

Go to: Scientists buzz Simon Cowell for promoting pseudoscience

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I'd have thought that would've suited snooki perfectly. Boy have I misjudged her (it?).

Wed, 28 Dec 2011 13:20:29 UTC | #903283

Go to: How to make atheism matter

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Hi Nordic, Richard Feynman used to say to his colleagues on entering the workplace 'you'll never guess what car plate number I've just seen!!! "49176!"' or some such random number, 'what are the odds of that??!!', he was of course being facetious and drawing attention to 49176, even though its as likely to appear as 12345, he was highlighting the fact that every perceived coincidence was in fact just that, coincidence. We see patterns and all manner of unlikelihood in random events we think are impossible, but given the age of the Universe these events become certainties. A billion to one chance WILL eventually take place.

Statistics are of course not to everyone's taste, and perhaps you are in that boat and may find yourself unaware of the certainty of chance, that's something which can be rectified if you wish. However, "Obviously I cannot agree with your coincidence assertion, but we'll just need to leave it at that." is problematic, you should come here with an open inquisitive mind if you don't mind me saying so. That said however, have a happy and peaceful holiday and 2012 Sir.

Tue, 20 Dec 2011 23:35:56 UTC | #901517

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