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Go to: Ending Tax Loopholes for Millionaire Ministers

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That is an enormous fallacy from the Republican party. We will only consider X, when you fix Y. The problem is that, Y is something that cannot be "FIXED". The govt is spending too much, and in debt, so what we will do is give it less money to work with.

So we can agree that the government needs to reign in ALL spending. But you seem to be saying that this can't be fixed? Then we are all screwed. The money will run out at some point. Maybe a moritorium on new spending? But overall this is a bad business model and is not sustainable indefinitely. I realize that this isn't exactly the same thing, but I can't run a household budget the way the gov't runs theirs, I have to make adjustments if the money isn't there. We are experiening this locally with our schools, which have run out of money, and the local well is dry. We have local and state government issues at work in this too, but it is sad to watch the schools struggle.

I think we need taxes for things, and yes some can afford to pay more than others, but the spending is out of control. If we need to cut defense, then fine. Reign in Medicare fraud, good too. The problem I was pointing out was that until there is some control in spending, we are just feeding the beast. I was only making an observation that the continual raising of taxes seems to do nothing more than encourage more spending. There is never any cutting of waste. So, yes a major overhaul could be a good thing, and if the government has to give up their "small potatoes" at least its a start.

P.S. The last time I saw a fox news clip was on the Soup and it was pretty funny. And even if I did watch, I love how "enlightened people" seem to think that is such an isult. Never seems to move the converstion forward. You would be better off saying, "We're right and you're stupid." At least that gets to the point quicker.

Sat, 12 Mar 2011 13:47:10 UTC | #601955

Go to: Ending Tax Loopholes for Millionaire Ministers

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All raising taxes seems to do is give the government carte blanche to piss away more money. Until it can balance a budget and cut waste, raising taxes seems a meaningless exercise. It just always needs more without ever saying how much is enough. Cutting government redundancies might be a start.

That being said, I think that churches should fall under the same rules as other non-profits at the very least and be required to open their books.

Sat, 12 Mar 2011 04:37:34 UTC | #601837

Go to: Jedi-ism, Britain's fourth-largest religion, is still going strong

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Do they qualify for Jedi Faith Schools?

Sat, 26 Feb 2011 15:56:04 UTC | #596554

Go to: PZ Myers Skepticon 3 & and brief encounter outside the conference

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The gum chewing was rude, but I would wager that this guy will go back to his congregation and say how he was persecuted for his belief. Having grown up fundamentalist that was standard operating procedure for us. (Anything negative is seen a persecution and brings them closer to christ.) Based on this alone, I may have chosen different words, but maybe not. He was almost gleeful to have been called a fool; you could see the hampster turning to see how he was going to tell this story to his buddies.

Mon, 31 Jan 2011 20:42:09 UTC | #586437

Go to: High School Biology Teachers in U.S. Reluctant to Endorse Evolution in Class, Study Finds

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I have to say this is one of the reasons we homeschool. I know there are the religious crazies that use homeschool to shelter their kids, but there is a growing secular homeschool movement her in the states (I'm sure it's quite small, but we are working on that) for this very reason.

If I am going to end up supplimenting this because they won't get it in school, I may as well do it from the beginning. I would argue that my elementary children are better informed on evolution than most of their school attending cohorts who think evolving is what their pokemon do to get from one form to another. And I have learned so much having to teach it to them.

There are some great teachers out there, but there is a feeling that many people go into teaching because they couldn't cut it in other degree programs. The requirements for becoming a teacher are not strong enough in the US, and since the pay is crap, you don't usually attract the best of the best. And clearly the science reqirements are not rigid enough.

Fri, 28 Jan 2011 15:28:24 UTC | #585276

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