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Go to: Correspondence regarding the Templeton Foundation

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It wasn't so long ago that Templeton sponsored endeavours were considered legit by some scientists, and maybe still considered at least semi-legit by some.
I remember at one of the Beyond Belief conferences the astrophysicist Sean Carroll had to chide some of his peers for taking Templeton money to fund research.
That was a few years ago but I'm guessing the argument as to the legitimacy of Templeton sponsored events is still ongoing. I suppose it shows what shape some scientists will contort themselves into to get a little funding.

Mon, 22 Jun 2009 03:01:00 UTC | #372621

Go to: The world according to Hitchens

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I'm a fan of Hitch but for someone who prides himself on his knowledge of international affairs I find it surprising that his understanding of the Georgia affair seems somewhat lacking. The vast majority of the western media have been guilty of not analyzing the situation carefully enough. Hitch has taken all the reporting at face value.
I'm no fan of Russia and there are numerous recent incidents and decisions that they can be criticised for but the Georgia issue is different. The way the invasion was carried out can be criticised even. Just as Hitch seperates the invasion of Iraq with the actual execution of the plan, which he has been critical of.

Sat, 27 Sep 2008 16:41:00 UTC | #242194

Go to: Life after Jehovah's Witnesses: website offers help to followers who lose their faith

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Never seen that particular website before. There are dozens of ex-jw websites out there though. The internet has really been a boon for people leaving the borg.

"Ye gods and little fishes, one of the posters is from Horsforth in Leeds, not too far away from where I was brought up.

A little too close for comfort."

I used to live Horsforth too. I knew that posters mum when I was in the borg. Small world innit.

Tue, 06 May 2008 04:32:00 UTC | #166845

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