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@comment 58 - and cats?

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 13:55:29 UTC | #842264

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Sorry to hear that Jay and Nunbeliever,

I was thinking lately that the Long Now Foundations 10,000 year clock might be a nice type of conversation for families facing your situation. You can become a member for $8 a month I think to contribute to the clock that will keep time for 10,000 years and they send you a stainless steel ticket to visit the clock which is still under construction. It will be located within a mountain and requires a trek through the American wilderness to get to. I was thinking that it would give me comfort to think that I could leave behind my metal ticket and that should I pass away my friends or family would make the pilgrimage with my ticket. If I was facing the end I would take some strength from knowing that it would be an adventure that would bring those left behind closer. And the 10,000 years puts a life in perspective.

Sorry again for your bad news guys.

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 13:51:21 UTC | #842263

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Surely Dan Dennett must have said something on exactly this issue. As an aside to this thread it always struck me as strange that religions seem to think afterlives must exist because this awareness of ours cant just disappear but the awareness of animals can. I'd be more inclined to go to mass if there was doggy heaven.

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 13:33:03 UTC | #842255

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Heck of a idea what to think.

Can anybody think of any statement or question that a simulation might say or ask that would stop you in your tracks and think "bloody hell thats no non-conscious machine" ?

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 13:15:51 UTC | #842244

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Comment 40 by Ignorant Amos :

Comment 27 by sciencehead78 It depends on ones definition of crazy and to what degree the individual is afflicted.

I agree that the definitions here are important. We shouldn't use"crazy" to close down the conversation any more than they should use "sinful" or "unholy" to close down conversations. Rewind time a few centuries and you will find flat earthers were dominant. Now if we equate that belief to "craziness" we are failing to recognise the role of information. Our entire species did not shrug off mental illness over a few centuries, we shrugged off an amount of our ignorance. Religious versus atheist is a matter of education and information availability not craziness.

And I think that if we don't resist the urge to misdiagnose this, we are simply rolling under gravity to an easy opinion. Religious beliefs are not clever beliefs but they are not crazy. Again I emphasise that religiousity is known to be an easy pitfall given our evolved brain, we should be honest then in saying of anyone who falls into it that it was an easy mistake for them to make. They are still wrong but we are not effective at making solutions when we are not effective at defining the problems.

Sat, 21 May 2011 15:06:19 UTC | #629185

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