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Go to: Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss: Something from Nothing, at ANU (Canberra Australia)

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Try being a female unmarried Atheist President in the US and see how far you get :)

It's a fact though isn't it, call your invisible chum "Jesus" you get the Oval Office. Call your invisible friend "Woja"you get a padded one, and fed through a straw by staff in bite proof vests. It's nutz !

Only in the (secular) land of the YEC.

Mon, 23 Apr 2012 10:22:12 UTC | #936639

Go to: Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss: Something from Nothing, at ANU (Canberra Australia)

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I enjoyed that, I appreciate how hard it must be for such topics to be easily relayed to the masses.I would assume basic education and cultural conditioning of which ever religious format(generally), being the major stumbling points. It works for me anyway.

I didn't understand a lot of it, and indeed near kacked myself with Richard's heavy emphasis on "Think!", where I sat up straight, only to leap up and salute when he went on to declare "I'm proud to be Human".

The nothing thing, I didn't get, I'll get it when someone gets it and can make it easily understood. Which appears impossible presently, given the masses apply common-sense, and to ask people to get out their heads to seek truth? That's too like voodoo to me. And quite frankly I expect better from (assumed) atheists.

The traditional right wing catholic who (eventually) denounced her (church) beliefs, was funny, and I liked the sincere comments about favourite Bible text. The lad at the end asked a good (social/political) question, and the answer/s rang true. For a reason & evidence based greater good, we should not tolerate something derailing it simply as it's "tradition". Plus if that tradition is based on the ridiculous, then why not ridicule it. It's the former that naturally creates the latter. In fact it's a tradition.

Sun, 22 Apr 2012 13:58:49 UTC | #936459

Go to: No blood on the carpet. How disappointing. [Also in Polish]

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"my aggressive militancy has reached new heights" new-agnostic Richard Dawkins, the silver spooned son of slave trading scum.

And now the weather....

Mon, 27 Feb 2012 11:24:37 UTC | #922392

Go to: Americans: Undecided About God?

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"Apparently, a growing number of Americans are running from organized religion, but by no means running from God."

Yes indeed, I note lots of people saying they don't do "organised religion", but they sure do (a) God. Ironically one that has been flogged to death, through the centuries, by that same organised religion they reject. Nice one!

I fully understand why they feel they must subscribe to some supernatural thing, given cultural conditioning over the centuries, has established it's perfectly normal to think Gods exist. Just a given without question, traditional subscription en mass. Passed on from one generation to another, something I note as a 'Heritable Sin'.

They who do (thier) God but not religion, pretend to be more intellectually honest, yet when asked which God it is they do, the general answer is; "there is only one God". The rational skeptic explains there has been, and is, many Gods. To which the reply is, or certainly implies... "Oh silly you, they Gods [generally with a lower case g ] are the mere constructs of the human imagination. Just something/s deluded people have been culturally conditioned to accept exist, or is their society norm" ..."We pray for them".

I am so happy to be 'abnormal.

All the Best.

Sun, 11 Dec 2011 13:45:14 UTC | #897790

Go to: Miraculous events: how to argue with them?

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I was watching a prog, maybe "The End of God" (BBC iplayer) where a lady in a wheel chair claimed she was subjected to a miracle cure are Lourdes.

She was in a wheel chair?!?!?

Sun, 13 Nov 2011 21:40:04 UTC | #889895

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