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The West is still sadly ignorant of the historical horrors and world domination goals of Islam, and continues to ostrich despite plenty of free information on the Internet. Well, like the ostrich, when the wolf is about to pounce it might be time to take your head out of the sand, n'est-ce pas?

If you're tired of ostriching, the place to start is the Historyscoper's Freakin' Powerful Muslimscope, which gives you the most concentrated intro. to the modern Muslim World after the Arab Spring, all free in your browser:

Mon, 23 Jan 2012 01:39:20 UTC | #910828

Go to: Debate: Islam or Atheism? With Hamza Andreas Tzortzis & the president of American Atheists

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Just being an atheist doesn't impart the large amount of knowledge needed to understand and fight Islam and its subtle ideology. The best place is the Historyscoper's free online Islam history course which teaches you everything at your own pace at

Keep up on daily global news of the Islamic threat to the world at

Fri, 19 Nov 2010 00:15:21 UTC | #549564

Go to: Christopher Hitchens vs. Tariq Ramadan: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

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Tired of hearing about Islam? Sorry, the ever-increasing uproar over Islam's incursions into the West isn't a passing fad, it's here to stay, and it's not about "Islamophobia", it's about Islam, the world's most supremacist and intolerant ideology making a comeback. The word phobia means an unreasonable fear of something based on ignorance which leads to irrational decision-making processes. The meaning of the word Islam is submit or surrender for a reason, and it's eminently rational to fear being made to submit or surrender to anything bad, which a study of Islam's history proves it to be in spades. Muslims are not like, say, Sikhs, colorful people with quaint customs who are usually quite harmless unless you attack their Golden Temple. No, from day one Islam has been a giant horror show, a relentless push for world domination centered in Mecca that churns out zombies, slaves and corpses, and is like a rachet wrench, it only turns in one direction: the submit-to-it direction. Due to Muslim immigration, the once happily Muslim-free West is in increasing peril of Islamic infiltration and takeover, a process that will be all bad news, the borders of the Muslim world are always bloody. Too bad, the media are currently dominated by Islam history ignoramuses and Muslim disinformation artists who claim to see no threat, and worse, blame and try to silence those who do, hoping to stifle all debate about the political dangers of the ideology of Islam itself, repeating the pattern of many proud civilizations of the past before they were absorbed forever.

When it comes to Islam, Western political principles learned via study of the last couple of centuries of history won't work, nor will appeasement. It's not about Marxist class struggle or Western capitalism with them, it's about eternal rewards or punishments for what they do on Earth for their god Allah.

Take their slogan that Islam is a religion of love. It is, but only in the sense that all Muslims must love Allah, who then tells them who to hate, namely unbelievers, including Muslims of a different stripe, and what to do about them, push them aside and conquer and rule their territory, then reduce them to dhimmi status, making them pay a tax to keep from being executed, AKA protection money, what a loving inducement to submit and convert. Love of other Muslims is very iffy, since one false move and Allah commands you to lop off their hands or head without pity or mercy.

Take their slogan that Islam is a religion of peace. To most Muslims Islam is a religion of peace because previous Muslims waged bloody holy war for centuries and suppressed the infidels and set up Allah's peace terms of Sharia, meaning rule of the land in his name, which destroys everybody's freedoms and only compensates by giving Muslims a bit more freedom than infidels. So the catch about Islam being a religion of peace is that it's only after you accept its peace terms of total submission along with its horrible Sharia that makes Muslims superior to non-Muslims and men to women. Until then Allah commands Muslims to wage ceaseless war with unbelievers, which historically has come to mean even Muslims of different sects, which is why Islam has been a religion of endless war with an ironic slogan. Allah himself declared the war, and no human can declare peace in his name, sorry, you're either with him or against him, although he does permit temporary truces greased by plenty of jizya or punishment taxes, like the stupid U.S. has been paying the Taliban, Egypt, etc. No, not all Muslims are terrorists or are in a jihad on us right now, but their us-vs-them Muslim superiority attitude is intact in all. Just because a wolf dons sheep's clothing, it doesn't change it into a sheep, its true nature remains the same.

It's not about racism. Islam isn't a race, but it wants to absorb all races, so let's not go there, it's counterproductive. It's not just a religion either, because it comes with a god who wants to control the government, so let's not get mired in discussions of the Crusades and Creationism. It's not about us Western infidels being bigots against multiculturalism, they're not colorful Hare Krishnas panhandling at the airport. Islam teaches Muslims to be mindless bigot farms dedicated to monoculturalism, them minarets with hog-calling towers don't make for good neighbors with infidels, nor do them flocks of women wearing burqas, abayas and other aggressive signs of their men taking over your territory for Allah and sharpening their swords for use on your neck. The Quran teaches Muslims to regard themselves as literally too superior to even make friends with infidels, whom Allah has already consigned to eternal punishment. Being brainwashed from birth to accept every atomic particle of Islam without question as the absolute truth, the world to them is one way, their way, and when anybody else sees the world another way, they're not only wrong they're evil and must be controlled. So forget about them giving infidels equal rights, or any rights at all, they're the intolerant ones, it's the will of Allah, you're sick and we got the bloody medicine. Forget about separation of mosque and state, mosques are the state, and those in non-Muslim countries are Muslim state outposts and forts, the real reason for the all-out push for one at Ground Zero. Yes, the holy books of other religions can turn people into holier-than-thou bigots too, but Christianity and Judaism went through reformations to make their believers rejoin the human race, while Islam never did, because its mind control is far stronger, and the consequences of free thinking are more sure and deadly. Can Islam be reformed via a Christian-style Reformation? How? The Protestant Reformation was a revolt against the papacy that used the words and examples of Jesus against it, but an Islamic reformation would be a revolt against Allah himself. Only with a massive outside infidel army could it even be attempted, which is just the point, we need to wake up and not only stop Muslim immigration but work to quarantine the Muslim world and contract it to force the reformation on them after we get over our hangups about our culture, warts and all being the superior one.

Is it possible to separate Muslims into "good" and "bad" Muslims, and label the latter Islamists to demonize them and give the others a pass, welcoming them into society with open arms and hoping they won't hurt us, like ABC's Diane Sawyer? Sorry, so-called moderate Muslims are like the fabled unicorn, plenty of sightings, none captured and in a zoo yet. Muslims who claim to hate Islamic extremists are still for Allah and his final perfect example prophet Muhammad, hence have no ideological stand to take against anything they command or set the example for, and are just trying to get the Muslim Trojan Horse in the Western gates so their progeny can do the rest. For a Muslim to really become moderate he would have to chuck Muhammad and half the Quran, after which he might as well chuck Allah too, and forget being a Muslim, or at least let his children grow up without the indoctrination, once you go through it you can never chuck Allah but merely con yourself that you haven't betrayed him by going part-infidel. Most Muslims from Muslim countries have gone through the childhood brainwashing, and are merely secularized or lapsed, skipping mosque to work and party in the rich advanced infidel land, but accepting Islam's basic premises on faith and in principle, but just not gotten around to serious study yet. Yes, let's hope they never do, and don't discover that if they accept that Allah controls eternal rewards and punishments, they must obey his commands to quit having fun and go out and take over the govt. for him. But if it happens, then what? You guessed it, Ayatollah Khomeini, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, lucky they weren't allowed to immigrate to the U.S. Oh yes, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, Faisal Shahzad, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 7th century jihadists allowed to roam free inside our borders with modern weapons while the liberal ostrich press pretends it was our fault and the Obama admin. refuses to profile Muslims, let's X-ray that Jehovah's Witness group first. But the lone madass jihadists not nearly as bad as the lifetime students of Islam, the pros who progress to elder status and coolly plot the subversion of our way of life and constitution for Allah's Way of Sharia. With them all options are on the table, including cold-blooded lying for Allah's cause, which they call Taqiyya, no it's not a Mexican restaurant. Take sinister Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf for example. Sure the Ground Zero Up Yours for Allah Victory Mosque is a multicultural understanding outreach center and not even a mosque, people just lose their hearing aids all the time, and they just have to site it as close to Ground Zero as possible because of all the whorehouses and gay bars. No, we won't accept free land elsewhere, because Allah thinks you have the word Dumbass stamped on your infidel foreheads, like Cyrus in the film The Warrior, if all the Muslim gangs would unite they would outnumber the pigs. Meanwhile the sinister Saudis are financing mega-mosques throughout the U.S. to form the hubs for total future takeover, so what if they're nearly empty at first, they got their man Obama working on that, imagine that as you're pacing the pews of your mega-church.

Simply put, Allah and his spokesman Muhammad are the archenemies of our Western freedoms, including our precious U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Therefore those who submit to Islam are already working for the other team and are just haggling about the price. Why then do we want to invite potential foreign agents and enemy combatants into our borders to show how tolerant we are, are we suicidal? Do we want to convert to Islam too? How can they stay the same and ever become part of We the People? Instead of trying to preserve its historical blessed isolation from the bloody and unfree Muslim world, the U.S. is in a suicidal funk over prejudice, bigotry, hate speech, discrimination, profiling, etc. Only comedians who appear to hate themselves and their society can get a pass in criticizing the onslaught of Islam anymore. Don't accuse me of being an alarmist, I got the juice and have links right here to the news and opinion articles proving my points, along with my own, and it's your problem if you don't read them and instead try to frame me on your own ignorant horns, making you the real bigot. I'm the teacher here, why don't you take off your horns and spend the time to study with me and grow wiser? If you want to take me on then disprove my sources. Speaking of sources, nobody grows wiser by reading works by those who spent their lives imbibing the Quran, turning their minds into piles of crap, they can only turn you into their clones, so no, we don't need to invite imams, mullahs or ayatollahs to give their side to the debate. You don't need to spend decades mastering Islam and Islamic law to know it's evil, sick, wrong, and an enemy of all the freedoms we fought for.

Yes, the West prides itself on tolerance, but allowing Muslims into our non-Muslim country as immigrants will guarantee ceaseless strife because they will bring it with them. Tolerance is not a 1-way street. Those who are intolerant and can't change have to be kept from power. What will ignorant leftists demand next, affirmative action for Muslims? Nobody is born Muslim, it's an ideology that Muslim children are brainwashed into, and few consciously adopt for the first time in adulthood. So it's not about tolerating some specific Muslims now, it's about the Quran they bring with them that contains Allah's commands to keep up the war until he wins, if you won't do it the Muslim next door will, or your children. Sharia also commands execution of any Muslim leaving the faith, which is why the West must stop Muslim immigration now and reverse it or else face an endless push to subvert the constitution and erect Sharia that will soon grow violent.

Keep up on the daily global news of Islam with free links from all sources:

Mon, 01 Nov 2010 16:00:40 UTC | #540982

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