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I certainly don't want to go through life being defined as something I'm not however, until the census starts replacing "non believer" with atheist, including all the other options just shatters us. Our numbers will never rival those of believers. It would be nice if it asked "do you follow a religion? tick yes or no. If yes which religion do you identify with? and then a list which would contain 'other' and a place to write"

We should be campaigning for the use of the word atheist over non believer in the census.

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 15:58:52 UTC | #607447

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Thank you, Michael for saying what I was thinking much more clearly than my clumsy effort.


Sun, 07 Nov 2010 12:36:41 UTC | #543671

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Comment 267 by Nairb :

I agree that women should be payed equally for equaly work and that in many cases this is not the case. However when women do have babies they do tend more often to give up their career then men do. The fact that companies take this into acount is not really the fault of the company.Its basic common/economic sense for a company.

This is a society issue. In France the law ensures the women/men can take a career break and return any time upto 3 year later. We could ask why women give up their career more often.Now part of this could be that womens brains are more wired to care giving to young childresn ( sorry if this is a sexist thing to say). And it could be partly due to lack of easy ressources in society to provide that care - for example difficulty to find a creche close to the place where the mother/father works. Many larger companies do provide such facility within their own building. However I find it difficult to see women as the victim here. A study in germany found that most couples( men and women) would like to have more children then they actually have. I think these things are more a systematic issue with society then a sexist issue.

I think in a society where women only earn on average 75% the salary men do, and society has up until this point declared that women should stay home with the baby, in most households it makes more "sense" for the woman to stay home because her husband earns more. It would be great if wage parity were 100% but even this wouldn't fix it. Men hold most of the positions of power so even if men and women earned the same for the same job, men would still hold more high paying positions. this will continue into the future. It will take us time to shake these things off.

This is also unfair on men as well as women but just because its an issue with society does not mean it is not sexist. It is.

Sun, 07 Nov 2010 11:47:18 UTC | #543662

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Comment 265 by Nairb :

I have to say I find it hard to understand where these "sexist" statments begin and end. What is sexist and what isnt? Perhaps I am misunderstanding the term sexism but it seems to me that a lot of behaviour can be attributed to gender.

When men are far more likely to be aggressive and violent ( constituting 80 to 90% ofthe prison population) shouldn't this be admitted and pointed at for what it is or at least is likely to be (a gender related issue).

When womens clothes shops outnumber 3 to 1 those of males. When in general women spenbd far more time on their grooming and appearance isnt this likely to be a gender related issue. Other species in particular birds have very different physical appearance and behaviour to go with it.

When women tend to have a sense of angular direction or spatial comparison capabilities less then that of men while at the same time a much better capability to identify key location markers isnt this likely to be a gender related issue.

Is it really a suprise or a form of sexism that there are so many women in roles of communication, marketing, mediation etc?

I think all of these differences are more to be celebrated and analysed and understood then to be embarassed about.

Well you could say these are gender related as in naturally occurring or you could say these differences have been conditioned into us, or you could say they are sweeping generalisations.

In my house, i earn the most money, and have better spatial relations and pattern recognition. does that make me a man? My husband has better communication skills and cares more about his appearance. His sense of direction is not so great either. does that make him a woman?

I think your argument is specious.

I have no problem with celebrating differences and diversity, but how about ones that actually exist instead of common misconceptions and gender stereotypes that have somehow continued even though they don't hold up to scrutiny (except for maybe the clothes shopping and prison population, they seems like things you might actually have stats to back up)

Sun, 07 Nov 2010 11:38:21 UTC | #543658

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Comment 259 by jayalenik :

This has become so petty. Like...... This thread, with its overabundance of sexist woman making sexist comments and man bashing has become uncomfortable. Woman make these comments without thinking what men will think, in your typical womans locker room humor style. I would have hoped that we could have a more "think about mens feelings" attitude, but women in their typically unfeeling way have made all the men here feel unwelcome and cheap. I hope you are proud of yourselves

You know, I don't think that's fair. I don't think it's fair to say that women have a "typically unfeeling way". I think it's time that we all just stop this stuff. But this also will take time and great effort from all of us.

You see, it's only very recently in the history of our relationships with each other that we have had equal rights, and we still don't come from a position of equal opportunity.

Men still have a position of privilege in that they can walk down the street at night and not worry too much about being raped, or if they are raped if people would say it was all their fault for being out and about by themselves at night instead of the blame falling squarely on the shoulders of the only person to blame - the rapist.

They can also still get a high powered job without potential employers wondering if they are in fact a risk because they might get pregnant and leave.

They still earn more than women and world wide, in most countries, they still hold all the power.

It's to be expected that women might get upset about this and react in such a way that is much larger than the original comment that caused the reaction. I don't think this is "typically unfeeling" I think it is "typically feeling"

I think that we should still expect a few gender wars, but there is no reason that those gender wars should turn personal and unreasonable. If the men on this sight understand the history and powerlessness that causes an "over reaction" and allow for that when they respond, and the women take a moment to think about whether their comment contains similar content to that which would offend them when used against their own gender, we might get somewhere.

Also when someone takes a joke you make seriously, how about wondering why that might be instead of just accusing them of having no sense of humour. Most people I know have a sense of humour, it's just that what some people find funny others don't and largely for good reason.

I'm not sure if we're all adults on here, but we're all humans with the ability to think critically. It's possible to do that and lighten up at the same time.

Sun, 07 Nov 2010 06:22:07 UTC | #543609

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