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I had a similar experience, 18 months ago with our then 6 year old daughter.

Though she was giving us a didactic lesson about dinosaurs (in the car) after school one day. Telling us that dinosaurs were walking around with Jesus.

While keeping my eyes on the road, I replied, evenly, oh is that right, how do you know that? she replied proudly, my teacher told me so and its in our school books.

My reply at that time was. "I didn't know about that." and left it there.

It was at that time, we finally made the decision to move her from that school after debating it between my wife and I for the few months previous.

I am happy to say, that this year she is in a new and better school, that is typically booked out years in advance, though they just added two more grade 2 classes this year and we got her in one of them.

To us young kids and religion is still a point of confusion for us as parents. Being that we are surrounded by it constantly, do we state categorically our atheist views that appose a general consensus in our local society? or only some of it? We are not sure.

I think we are settled on providing an environment for our kids to grow up to be rational thinkers for themselves and allow them to find out whats real and what isn't as we did as adults. My wife came from a very religious background, my mother has a masters degree in theology etc. We seemed to have come through it ok, though rather belatedly.



P.S. can someone tell me if we get email alerts when a discussion is commented upon?

Thu, 25 Nov 2010 01:34:14 UTC | #552847

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I'm not sure I understand your question?

As I understand it, you viewed two control freaks, trying to persuade each other of their own opinions.

Irrespective of the content of the issue being discussed, you have two self righteous people who think they know better than the other person they are talking to.

Re: "I mean, what do you do? Just tell him to enjoy his life and leave him to his delusion?"

It appears by your question, that you are considering becoming one of these self righteous people yourself?

Simple definition of a Control Freak One who offers an opinion to another who did not request it.

In my opinion, for you to try to persuade this other person of your beliefs or lack of them, puts you on par with the the most damaging parts of organised religion itself, e.g. the need to convert others to your own point of view for the purpose of making yourself feel better about what you believe in.

You can only lead by example, hoping that it in and of itself inspires healthy conversation.



Tue, 23 Nov 2010 02:29:37 UTC | #551766

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