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WARNING! The following contains some theological writing by John Polkinghorne. Members read it at their own peril.

John Polkinghorne is a 'master' of theological tripe.

In his book The Moral Landscape, Sam Harris provides a typical sample of this tripe. Here it is:

'If we regard human beings as psychosomatic unities, as I believe both the Bible and contemporary experience of the intimate connection between mind and brain encourage us to do, then the soul will have to be understood in an Aristotelian sense as the “form,” or information-bearing pattern, of the body. Though this pattern is dissolved at death it seems perfectly rational to believe that it will be remembered by God and reconstituted in a divine act of resurrection. The “matter” of the world to come, which will be the carrier of the reembodiment, will be the transformed matter of the present universe, itself redeemed by God beyond its cosmic death.

The resurrected universe is not a second attempt by the Creator to produce a world ex nihilo but it is the transmutation of the present world in an act of new creation ex vetere. God will then truly be “all in all” (1 Cor. 15:28) in a totally sacramental universe whose divine infused “matter” will be delivered from the transience and decay inherent in the present physical process. Such mysterious and exciting beliefs depend for their motivation not only on the faithfulness of God, but also on Christ’s resurrection, understood as the seminal event from which the new creation grows, and indeed also on the detail of the empty tomb, with its implication that the Lord’s risen and glorified body is the transmutation of his dead body, just as the world to come will be the transformation of this present mortal world.' - John Polkinghorne

Fri, 06 Jan 2012 00:02:52 UTC | #905684

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'Jesus swept.' (John 11: 35)

Tue, 03 Jan 2012 11:33:23 UTC | #904872

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Comment 48 by Mark Ribbands

Perhaps Richard Dawkins should select a uniform for the interview. Flowing robes and dangly ironmongery might not be quite right, and two people wearing the same dress at a party is always a solecism. Any ideas?

He should wear a suit of porcupine quills to match the Archbishop of Canterbury's eyebrows.

Mon, 02 Jan 2012 16:49:14 UTC | #904561

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‘But the trouble is that [Rowan Williams’s] congregation, ordinary churchgoing people, do interpret the sayings of theologians as though they were meant to be factual propositions. That doesn't, by itself, indict the theologian of dishonesty, but what if he knows that his congregation is interpreting it as something more prosaic than poetry, and what if he makes no effort to disabuse them? What if he talks of "Adam's sin" in some poetic sense, knowing full well that Adam never existed, but (here is where it gets dishonest) also knowing that his congregation do think that Adam existed and do think that he sinned by eating forbidden fruit and Jesus on the cross redeemed that sin?

I can remember playing that game as an undergraduate.’

But this is not the game which Williams plays, Professor Dawkins.

His game is called 'Semi-realism'.

According to its rules, ‘God’ is neither real nor unreal. ‘He’ is semi-real. (I know: it’s absurd. But this is ‘sophisticated theology’, remember.)

Don Cupitt discusses ‘Semi-realism’ in Mysticism after Modernity (1998), Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, pp. 38-41

Therein lies the game which you will be expected to play in the Sheldonian Theatre on 23rd February.

Be careful.

Mon, 02 Jan 2012 15:06:49 UTC | #904536

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