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I couldn't help thinking, watching Richard in discussion with Michael Nazir-Ali on Newsnight the day the poll results were published, that the question I'd like to ask, as Nazir-Ali carried on appropriating the intentions of the claimed '70%' of UK Christians was, "Well, how many of them do you think are 'saved,' how many of them are you expecting to meet again when you ascend to heaven?"

In my experience Christianity doesn't have a fuzzy definition of what a Christian is - all that 'no man cometh unto the kingdom of heaven' stuff is quite clear. The clerics are quite happy to consider all the vague, cultural Christians as in-group when it comes to bolstering their political influence, whilst quietly believing that many if not most of them won't make the grade when it comes to earning a comfortable afterlife.

I don't believe a word of their bullshit, no god, no afterlife, no creator, no holy trinity, noone watching and judging my actions - no celestial surveillance system - but I 'try to be a good person' - can I call myself a Christian? Would it suit Mr Nazir Ali if I were to do so? He sure as hell wouldn't expect me to make it past the pearly gates though.

Not sure I've got made my point as well as I would have liked, but am at work and really ought to be doing something else - hope this makes some kind of sense.


Thu, 01 Mar 2012 14:51:48 UTC | #923460

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Comment 11 by DavidMcC :

I see a down side to that, if her skill as a teacher gives her influence over her pupils, generally, including on matters of religion. Might they not tend to accept what she tells them about belief, if they share your views about whether she is a good teacher?

Oh, yes, definitely - she's an authority figure and her statements are assumed to be true - my son was a little startled when I suggested not everyone believed the same things as she does.

I'd still rather she left her religiosity at home, and ideally was required by law to do so, but I'm still glad my son hasn't suffered educationally at the same time as picking up subtle indoctrination.

Tue, 14 Feb 2012 12:27:28 UTC | #917647

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I've been appalled how much 'goddidit' stuff my 6 year old son has been exposed to at school - mostly as a result of a particular teacher's personal faith rather than school policy - fortunately she is in all other respects a terrific teacher.

I'd be thrilled if they started to introduce the concepts of evolution in primary schools - it's far more beautiful & incredible than any fairy story, and to top it off - true.

Mon, 13 Feb 2012 12:52:45 UTC | #917164

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