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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Sat, 26 Nov 2011 16:30:56 UTC | #893336

Go to: The Pastor from Jesus Camp Has a New Book Out

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I found this very disturbing. It brought back a memory of my childhood that has never left me.

I was about six years old; daily bible classes provided by a lay preacher in the local village Hall. As I remember, the main theme was heaven - the place where there is no unhappiness or pain; a reward for good people when they die. That was the message and, of course, I believed every word of it.

The following occurred either during or shortly after this concentration of religious indoctrination: I have a very clear recollection of me standing next to my mother as she kneeled scrubbing the bath. (My head was level with hers – that’s how I’m sure of my age) She was clearly unhappy, probably with the drudgery of her life. I thought: “Maybe I should kill her and send her to heaven. She’d be happy there.” Of course I didn’t. I mean, I wouldn’t have a mother any more, would I?

However, the memory stuck. I dredge it up only on the rare occasions I need to remind myself how wicked the “teaching” of religion to children is. Anything that brings a thought like that into a child’s head can be nothing but wicked in the extreme.

Mrkimbo – may I be first in the queue after you with the whippy cane?

Wed, 07 Sep 2011 13:06:24 UTC | #868213

Go to: A ruling class that is "religiously illiterate" cannot lead in the 21st century

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Re: Comment 36 by Derek M “A "wrong religion" is a tautology.” – correct; and here is why:

FACT: There are currently many different known religions in existence in the world, within which there are numerous different beliefs and practices. The number is very large.

FACT: There will have been a significant number of religions in the past, that are not known to us, since the first sentient human was able to conceive them. We can’t quantify these religions.

FACT: There will be new religions, between now and the extinction of man, and subsequently the extinction of any creature coming after man. (This may not be for a few billion years). This number may be very large.

FIRST CONCLUSION: Between now and the end of time/man’s existence, there will be or will have been a very, very large number of religions. This is irrefutable and cannot be debated. (The statement does not argue for the existence or absence of a god or gods, just gives some quantity to “religions”.)

SECOND CONCLUSION: ONLY ONE CAN BE CORRECT. If one is correct, then all the others must be incorrect. In other words if, at any time, now or in the future, a person were to select any of these religions, it is EXTREMELY LIKELY that it will be the wrong one.

(Now from a mathematician’s viewpoint, given that there has been no formula developed that would demonstrate a correct answer, there is currently NO religion that can be defined as correct.

Anyone who vaults over this obstacle into faith is definitely, as other have described so eloquently here – at twat.

Sat, 02 Jul 2011 12:13:34 UTC | #845492

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Hey; it also tricked the dirty buggers into washing their hands at least five times a day. As a hygienist, Big Mo was no mug, you know.

Wed, 08 Jun 2011 20:00:03 UTC | #636087

Go to: [Update-YouTube] The Big Questions - Series 4 - Is the Bible Still Relevant?

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Richard, you never cease to amaze me. Your composure under such assault on sensibility is beyond belief. It was very difficult to watch, so it must have been hell on earth to participate. Do you ever get used to it?

Thank you for being a real live inspiration and not a myth. Mind you, in a few thousand years or so you might be just that; yeah, and in keeping with holy book tradition, complete with misquotations, mistranslations and utter fiction. (Dog help us). How about a couple of miracles to set the ball rolling?

Seriously though, it has occurred to me that there is one crime that religion commits that is seldom mentioned: That is the rendering of countless potentially competent human minds incapable of rational thought. What a waste.

Thank you Richard.

Mon, 09 May 2011 17:56:06 UTC | #624987

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