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Like many others I enjoyed the first part. Then he seemed to contradict everything he'd written earlier. It's as if he had a sudden thought along the lines of, "If I'm going to get a Templeton Prize I'd better say some nice things about religion and nasty things about atheism."

Personally I find arguments along the lines of "I don't need to believe in god to be good, but it's good for society if other people do believe" to be not only extremely condescending, but dangerous. It makes it all too easy for religious leaders and demagogues to manipulate the masses for their own power and privilege.

The solution to "morality for the masses" is not threats of eternal hellfire, but good education in critical thinking, so people use their own brains and question authority.

Tue, 19 Oct 2010 20:07:18 UTC | #535843

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@ Helena. We called him "Rocky".

Thu, 14 Oct 2010 17:26:21 UTC | #533538

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When I was growing up I had a pet crow for several years. He was intelligent, mischievous, affectionate and seemed to have a sense of humour. He was able to speak and was best friends with our pet dog. A wonderful pet who was a lot of fun to be around and well known in our community.

Thu, 14 Oct 2010 16:37:42 UTC | #533515

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Given the nature of this “spiritual science” I suggest we fund alternative medicine with $100 billion. Just one caveat – use homeopathic dollars. At 12C dilution, this would enable the industry to have the “vital force” of the full $100 billion, but the taxpayers would only be on the hook for one penny. And it would last 100 billion years.

Wed, 24 Feb 2010 16:54:00 UTC | #443817

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When discussing “conscience” with regards to religion in health care, I think it's important to keep in mind the overall objectives of the religious right movement.

Doctors being forced to perform abortions against their religious conscience is little more than a wedge issue. As we've seen on this blog there is much disagreement and division even among atheists. The religious right is probably not particularly interested in establishing the principle that “doctors should not be forced to perform abortions”, but more along the lines of “Christian medical professionals should be allowed to have their religious beliefs take priority over the patient's rights and wishes.”

The “doctors' conscience” abortion issue is their foot in the door for a much broader agenda. If they get their way we will see:

Doctors will not be obligated to refer patients to other doctors for abortions.

Doctors will be able to deny refuse to prescribe birth control, and even steer patients away from choices such as the pill or vasectomies.

Pharmacists will be able to refuse to provide women with prescriptions for birth control or morning after pills.

Doctors will be able to “share the good news of Jesus Christ. Christ has explicitly called us to make disciples.”

Faith healing and prayer will become accepted medical practice. “We promote specific interventional prayer, requesting God's healing as part of the treatment of disease, according to biblical instruction. “

And on gays and lesbians: “The Christian community must help society understand that homosexuality has grave spiritual, emotional, physical and cultural consequences. Christians should oppose legislative attempts to grant special rights based on sexual behavior or to equate homosexual relationships with heterosexual marriages.....God provides the remedy for all moral failure through faith in Jesus Christ and the life changing power of the Holy Spirit.”

And of course, making sure that “faith hospitals” even if publicly funded, are able to discriminate against medical staff who don't belong to the same faith.

Fri, 15 Jan 2010 20:30:00 UTC | #431961

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