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Go to: Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

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All abrahamitic religions are obsessed with sexuality - but in a totally crazy way which leads to a scary bigottery. All these religions are male religions - which of course leads to the idea that only men can be members of the clery, that men in a purely male-oriented society (I don´t mean a homosexual society, which they abhorr) are sacrosant, pure and holy. So if something beyond this restricted way of thinking happens, it can, of course, never be the holy and pure man/cleryman that is committing a crime. Some weeks ago a parliament commission in the Netherlands published a report on sex-crimes committed by the catholic clery - be aware that Holland is a small country. Between 1945 - 85 (40 years) there were 10.000 of such crimes that had been reported to the police. The estimated number of unreported cases is also 10.000!!!! The most abhorring crimes that had been oppressed happened in the early 50s: several teenagers who lived in catholic orphanages or homes had been abused by priests. Those who tried to tell the police or others were taken to catholic clinics and hospitals and were castrated on behalf of their "pervert behaviour and homosexuality" - they were told that it was them who misled the priests and that the castration would convert them to heterosexuality - and many others who had the courage to speak about their abuse were warned: if they would gon on telling "lies", they would also be sent to those clinics.

Tue, 15 May 2012 13:10:06 UTC | #941583

Go to: Why do the religious insist on presenting a united front?

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It´s a fact that members of the Vatican and High Islamic Clergy from Iran meet from time to time. Their common enemy is democracy, an open society, they hate gay and fight against women´s rights. The beliefs of the Pius-Bretheren, the members of Opus Dei and other orthodox Catholic organisations have a lot in common with the beliefs of Islamists. I have no doubt that Pope Ratzinger and many of his followers dream of overcoming democrycy and modern society. Ratzingers idea of the "dictatorship of relativism" condems personal freedom, free science and a liberal society. I´m absolutely convinced that the Vatcan will alos come to terms with the American Evangelicals. The antisemitic reflex of Catholics and Muslims in something else they have in common. We still must observe these criminal organisations with utmost care. Both operate with fear and lies and hate"

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 16:16:54 UTC | #923484

Go to: Sex & God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality

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It all has to do with the question: How can I get a merciful and benevolent God; who do I make God benevolent? (this question by the way implies, that God is man-made - but this seems to be an idea too sophisticated for religious people). There are several ways to achieve this goal which can be observed in almost any religion: of course there is prayer and ritual, obedience and humbleness - and sacrifice: what is the greatest sacrifice man can offer? One´s own life, the life of ones´s children and the sacrifice of constituent features of one´s own personality - "sex" is one of the most important of course.
Many ancient Gods "demanded" human sacrifice - the Christian God still does: he even killed his own son; nevertheless the Christian Clergy still tries to tell us this was an act of love - there is nothing more cruel or cynical. Monks and Nuns, hermits in any religion, sacrifice a most important force of their personality - sex! Sex is something so overwhelmingly wonderful and attractive what makes it an ideal sacrifice to get a benevolent and merciful god. Thus especially the monotheistic religions must control the sexuality of their followers in order to create a friendly god! And there are many useful sideeffects: controlling the sex-life of people means also to control their social life, their friendships, their family-life, the social status of men and women and much more.


Sat, 28 Jan 2012 19:38:57 UTC | #912272

Go to: Scholar Says Corporal Punishment May Have Shaped World Religions

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I dare to go further... the entire concept of religion(s) is a projection of the child dependent on his parents. Corporal punishment - through the ages - was looked upon as something "normal" in education. Of course children try to satisfy their parents and they don´t want to be punished - as do religious worshippers when they try to satisfy their god. Young children adore their parents - however cruel they might be. To the very young child mother and father seem to be almighty... Thus it is not difficult to understand why man invented God(s) who behave like a father - and even is being addressed as "Father". Religion is a justification for any form of punishment; making punishment "divine" is quite logical - thus human cruelty is being justified. This is the core of religion, to justify cruelty and sadism.

Mon, 17 Oct 2011 18:11:03 UTC | #881568

Go to: Catholic Church in anti-gay marriage stance

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Ah, I forgot that over here in the German speaking Countries there are some Bishops and Catholic Journalists/Authors wo indeed believe that there is a homosexual conspiracy, trying to make 50 % of the world´s population gay and lesbian. They really believe that this is possible, because they get not tired with spreading the lie that we choose our sexuality. And choosing homosexuality is, of course, satanic. The Bishop of Salzburg, Andreas Laun (Austria) and his colleague, the Bishop of Essen (Germany) publicly stated in Talk-Shows that "homosexual conduct" is a deadly sin. Gabriele Kuby, catholic author and daughter of famous philosopher Erich Kuby, gives lectures on - as she calls it - "dying societies"; she blames gendermainstreaming and a "homosexual agenda" in western countries for the fact that modern, industrialized countries have less children. These are ony three of dozens of well-known Catholics who poison public discourses on homosexuality in our part of Europe. It´s not only the American Evangelicals who are so bigotted and full of hatred - and by the way, all those American evangelical churches are sects of the Protestant Church and the Protestant Church is a secession from the Catholic CHurch, whicht throughout centuries has been the cause of Antisemitism and Homophobia. Mother Church in many ways!

Tue, 13 Sep 2011 21:15:09 UTC | #870523

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