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Comment 39 by ChristisLord

Fool me once (Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy), shame on you.

Fool me twice (god, a specific religion, miracles), shame on me.

You were probably lied to as a child re the first two imaginary personages. You probably threw off those lies somewhere before puberty. You were also lied to all your life re your specific religious beliefs. Think about it. Your ancestors were selected by non-random natural selection, causing the stupider ones to die before having children. That's why you have that big brain which you've so far allowed to ignore the evidence all around you in favor of going along with the delusions of your group.

"Godless - How an evangelical minister became one of America's leading Atheists" by Dan Barker explains in truly breathtaking detail how his careful study of his "holy" books from which he began preaching at the age of 17 led him to reject his faith. Check it out. ... also available on Amazon.

I suspect Barker's book may be more convincing for a confirmed Christian. Dawkins' lays out the scientific evidence and the irrefragable (also irrefutable :) ) arguments that evolution is a fact of nature and religions (all of them) are man-made. Barker quotes chapter and contradictory verse to show that the "holy" books are the works of many different men each with their own political agendas at the time and none of them infallible or inspired by anything even close to omniscient, good, wise, or all-powerful. He shows how the Christian faith evolved over the last 2000 or so years from the Jewish faith and has continued to evolve to this day. If you have the time or inclination, you can follow along as Barker provides detailed references to various editions of the Bible, Koran, etc. to back up his assertions. When he was a Christian, he actually read all the "good books", some in their original languages. That's how he eventually came to the inevitable conclusion that they are all essentially BS.

More importantly, Barker (and also Dawkins) show how religion has held back human progress over the last few of thousand years (and possibly longer) as it evolved from a belief in a spirit under every rock, through a few specific, more powerful gods, to a single, vengeful, jealous, in your face (but still strangely invisible), frightful god, to the loving (but still somehow indifferent to massive amounts of suffering) god which graces our more modern houses of worship.

Sat, 05 Mar 2011 22:38:58 UTC | #599183

Go to: Richard Dawkins on his book The God Delusion

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I have an in-law who recently began a sentence with "When I still believed in evolution...". This inspired the following blurb:

When I still believed in Newton's Theory of Universal Gravitation, I thought that my feet stayed on the road because the mass of my body was attracted to the mass of the earth according to Newton's famous formula: f = G * m1 * m2 / r2, but now I know that it is due to one of God's infinitely numerous and omnipresent fingers pressing down on the top of my head. I have a bald spot there where His Finger has, over the years, worn away the hair.

Come on, ChristisLord (if that's your real name), grow up. Learn how to spell "atheist", and consider: Is Allah Lord? Is Vishnu? What's so special about your "Good News"? Everyone who has allowed an external authority figure to turn off his or her brain has their own delusion as to what is the "Good News". Everyone believes everyone with differing "News" is wrong. Take that tiny leap to acknowledge that your "News" is as phoney as all the others'. You'll feel better. I promise.

By the way, your claim to be a former "athiest" and "evolutionist" is transparently false. Contrary to the lies spread by your fellow delusionists, once someone frees her brain from the chains of religiosity, she never goes back. All the purported deathbed conversions referenced in theist propaganda are either due to mental incapacity or wishful thinking on the part of the attending theists.

Comment 27 by ChristisLord

"No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him." What is the athiests explanation of Jesus Christ I wonder? Can anyone explain, I was a former athiest and evolutionist but I had never heard of the Good News of Jesus Christ, what do you all think?

Sat, 05 Mar 2011 21:37:13 UTC | #599152

Go to: Richard Dawkins on his book The God Delusion

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"The God Delusion" explains in complete depth and clarity every one of the arguments I've had over the decades with religious friends and acquaintances. It was a joy to read someone of Professor Dawkins' intellectual stature lay it all out. I did have one niggling complaint, however (which also applies to "The Greatest Show on Earth"): his occasional use of obscure words. Fortunately, I'm working my way through Dawkins' works on my Kindle, so looking up words in the Oxford dictionary is far less of an interruption than it would be if I were reading a paper copy, but I find the use of terms such as "irrefragable" instead of the identical in meaning but much more common "irrefutable" to be a bit of a distraction. Before age 30 or so, I found I had to resort to dictionaries occasionally... maybe once every few thousand words of a reasonably technical tome, but since then, I've managed to acquire a sufficiently large reading vocabulary so that chore reduced to maybe once or twice in a book of comparable depth to the above mentioned. While reading "The God Delusion", I found I had to resort to the Kindle lookup feature maybe a dozen or so times. In each case, the word I was looking up had perfectly serviceable synonyms the use of which would have obviated that operation. Nevertheless, I'm finding Dawkins' works delightful. It is always a pleasure to find someone with whose ideas one can wholeheartedly agree. ... Almost as much fun as poking holes in the arguments of those with whom I don't agree. :) One thing I've learned from reading "The God Delusion" is that the argument that Dawkins is adopting a mean or nasty attitude toward religiously enthralled fellow humans is completely false. I can find no nastiness in his work, just a clear, irrefragable explanation of why the concept of God is, in fact, best described as a delusion.

Sat, 05 Mar 2011 21:11:57 UTC | #599136

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Whenever anyone has said something technologically possible is impossible for the human race, they have, so far, been proven wrong (in the last few hundred years, usually within their own lifetimes... in the last few decades, often within years or months of the pronouncement. Remember the head of DEC (Digital Equipment Corp... does anyone remember them?) saying that he could think of no reason why anyone would ever want to own a personal computer? That is just one of many such pronouncements. I hope this follows the pattern and we start terraforming our Moon, Mars and the suitable moons of the gas giants within the next few years. I was born in 1947 and would volunteer for such an expedition in a heartbeat. I suspect many more of my fellow denizens of this lovely planet feel the same way.

Sat, 05 Mar 2011 20:40:55 UTC | #599123

Go to: Richard Dawkins Answers Reddit Questions

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Excellent video. I hope his comments about the tipping point of more atheists coming out is accurate. The alternative is another dark age when the rapture nutcases get hold of the US atomic arsenal.

Mon, 14 Feb 2011 04:16:34 UTC | #591655

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