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Go to: Why We Don't Believe in Science

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While patternicity (I enjoyed Shermer's last book) might lie at the root of this problem, I wonder if education might share part of the blame? High School science, for example, seems more intent on nudging students past the finish line (via standardized tests) than helping them to think critically. When one questions everything (a la Einstein), and thinks critically, the "truth" becomes suddenly attainable.

Fri, 08 Jun 2012 20:48:56 UTC | #946416

Go to: Dawkins calls for 'Catholic' honesty

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This seems to support the idea that tradition and sense of community trump actual belief; it is convenient to simply cherry pick from the religious basket. Convenient, but not necessarily honest.

Fri, 08 Jun 2012 20:38:44 UTC | #946411

Go to: Dr. R. Elisabeth Cornwell speaks on The OUT Campaign at the American Atheists Convention 3/25/12

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Elisabeth Cornwell makes excellent points. While atheists are not known as pillars of morality in most mainstream circles, the evidence says otherwise. Let's hope that lively public discourse and debate will help to alter public perception.

Wed, 04 Apr 2012 05:44:17 UTC | #932250

Go to: Faircloth discusses his new book "Attack of the Theocrats: How the Religious Right Harms Us All & What We Can Do About It."

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Not usually a fan of patriotism but I'll admit to supporting it here when it comes without religion. The distinction needs more publicity. A real patriot would and should see the clear line between church and state.

Fri, 28 Oct 2011 23:25:08 UTC | #885124

Go to: Christians more militant than Muslims, says Government's equalities boss

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Atheists are attempting to "drive religion underground?" If this silly quote is accurate, surely one must question the propriety of Phillips acting as the chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Is this the same Phillips who believes in the need for free speech in order to "allow people to offend each other." (Muslims must accept free speech, BBC News)

Ironically, atheists are not as interested in offending certain people as they are in attacking the ideas of those people. Rational discussion and debate (including attacking ideas & beliefs) are good for Equality and Human Rights but Phillips seems to waffle on this point. If he and others take offense, they might want to consider the source of their discomfort.

Mon, 20 Jun 2011 18:25:05 UTC | #640900

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