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As a member of a church situated in Christchurch, very close to the cordoned city center, I did honestly find this article mildly offensive. Only mildly, however. I would be very happy to explain my beliefs to Mr Dawkins, in the hope that he becomes less of a bigot.

We've had prayer meetings every evening since the day after the earthquake at my church, not to glorify the disaster, but to pray for our broken city. God has a plan in action to save this hopeless world, and we trust in him, even though there are a few bumps in the road. If there were no suffering and hard times, there would be in contrast no good times, and also no life lessons learnt. I'm not saying this to be callous, but in the hope that it would build people's strength and ability to put up with the hard times, which Jesus assured us will happen. Our prayer meetings were not for the dead specifically, but for the families of the dead, for the injured, for everyone that was affected by the earthquake; we prayed that they might have the strength to deal with this tragedy, that they would have healing, that they would be built up and not put down. we prayed that they would not fear mundane things such as earthquakes, which happen almost every day in our city. We try to minister to and have fellowship and counsel as many people as will let us, lending a hand. We've been cleaning up silt, lending people places to stay (for the first week after the earthquake our youth center was a shelter for some of those who were rendered homeless) and encouraging people to help one another. We're putting a community lunch on this Sunday, with large amounts of food, bouncy castles and fun things for the children, and general fellowship for the uplifting of the people of the community. We're doing this out of our own pockets, and not expecting anyone to join the church or pay anything for this. Churches do help, and I think the world that Richard Dawkins is envisioning with no "folly" , no "incoherent fiction" would be a bleak world indeed, and also a very damned one from my religious point of view.

We have all been affected by this earthquake, and we are doing the best we can. Edification, personal and spiritual growth, strength, and happiness are more than a good enough reward to have, even if there is "logically no God", according to Richard Dawkins. Either way, Christianity is more than worth it, and I have no qualms about dedicating my life to it. A heck of a lot better than dedicating my life to hatred towards a specific group of people.

God Bless

Thu, 17 Mar 2011 03:56:14 UTC | #603857

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