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Comment 24 by keyfeatures :

The 'nothing' of energised empty space is not 'nothing'. Therefore suggesting an analogy between quantum fluctuations in a vacuum and the origins of the big bang is false equivalence. I'm in agreement that nothing can't actually exist without something but this line of comparison is problematic.

Just wondering if you're familiar with the theory that as a universe expands into heat death and reaches infinitely large proportions, because it is infinitely large it is also infinitely small, at which point it inflates once more into a big bang type phenomenon whereby we do not need a universe from nothing, we get a universe from infinity. That's the easiest way I can explain what little I understood but apparently the maths works to reconcile certain problems in other peoples theories in a way to be pretty convincing to some very clever people, which is infinitely more satisfying that any of W.L.C.'s solipsistic sophistry even if it is only a mathematical model.

Thu, 05 Jan 2012 16:52:56 UTC | #905549

Go to: Darwin censored by the Turkish government's porn filter

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Comment 13 by Michael Gray :

Why not employ a neutral but probably accurate descriptive for them: ignoramuses?

(Unless they are fully aware that they are peddling fraudulent nonsense, and are only lying for political ends, in which case the appropriate derogatory adjective is: "politician")

Hear! Hear!

I know a Turk or two and without having asked about their religious leanings I have a massive amount of respect for how friendly and very intelligent at least one of them is. I thought Turkey was on a good path away from totalitarian regimes, wasn't it their model of democracy that Egypt wanted to copy? (not saying the violence of the Arab spring was at all good but the desire for democracy certainly is) or have I got it arse about face as usual?

Sat, 31 Dec 2011 11:48:22 UTC | #904020

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Comment 32 by TobySaunders :

Dude said 'the color of the flower evolved in order to attract insects'... but no, by definition of 'natural' in 'natural selection' there is no evolution in order to do anything. The color evolved because it attracted insects; that kind simple word screw-up is so common & so misleading to laypeople.

I love the distinction you make. You are dead right, "in order to" is actually quite misleading when trying to explain accurately the forces that drive evolution and sort of posits a kind of desire, whereas "because" insinuates more of a cause and effect which explains far more accurately and more importantly clearly the processes involved. It's easy to see where "in order to" came from, it's just a quick shortcut popularized etc. which I'm sure most of us here are guilty of but from now on I will be happy, if not look forward to making the distinction =)

Thu, 06 Oct 2011 10:29:01 UTC | #878391

Go to: IQ2 Debate: Atheists Are Wrong

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Comment 53 by zeerust2000 :

The whole debate was a little disappointing. Part of the problem was the topic. Are atheists wrong about.........what? Far too open ended. The theist arguments I found predictable. That is, that religions make people feel like there is purpose to their lives etc etc. So that means, what? That their claims are true? All too wishy washy and boring. But then I didn't expect much more.

I could be very wrong but looking at the history of these debates it must be getting harder and harder to attract prominent figures from the religious world. They might have to choose the subject of the debates carefully, or bait the trap if you like, so they do not to scare away the people who are highly respected in the religious community, to attack the head of the beast so to speak.

(edit: Thanks for the link etc. I've been waiting for the video to arrive and its here at last.)

Wed, 05 Oct 2011 11:07:20 UTC | #878087

Go to: The Eyes of Richard Dawkins

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Comment 13 by esuther :

InYourFaceNew Yorker

You're making a joke, right? A rather puerile adolescent penis joke?

If not, the name of the gadget is the HadRON collider.

Yeah I missed that SPELLING ERROR completely, perhaps its because my mind is not in the gutter.

Mon, 03 Oct 2011 10:09:10 UTC | #877327

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