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Dear Richard

Thank you for this brilliant & beautiful book which I will enjoy sharing with my family. Your relaxed and articulate style and the excellent illustrations make it more accessible to children...I feel more should be done to join art & science together as a way to attract more children who might not feel science is interesting and understandable.

Would be so lovely and educational for children if you were to consider making an educational film / documentary based on the book - so important to be able to get the message over to children.

Best wishes for the book


Wed, 21 Sep 2011 11:54:12 UTC | #873509

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Facinating articles about Fractals - Just saw this creationist twaddle about fractals when searching on the net at

God alone can take credit for mathematical truths, such as fractals. Such transcendent truths are a reflection of God’s thoughts. Therefore when we discover mathematical truths we are, in the words of the astronomer Johannes Kepler, “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.” The shapes shown in the figures have been built into mathematics by the Creator of mathematics. We could have chosen different color schemes for the graphs, but we cannot alter the shape—it is set by God and His nature.

Evolution cannot account for fractals. These shapes have existed since creation and cannot have evolved, since numbers cannot change—the number 7 will never be anything but 7. But fractals are perfectly consistent with biblical creation. The Christian understands that there are transcendent truths because the Bible states many of them.5 A biblical creationist expects to find beauty and order in the universe, not only in the physical universe,6 but in the abstract realm of mathematics as well. This order and beauty is possible because there is a logical God who has imparted order and beauty into His universe

Mon, 29 Aug 2011 16:09:37 UTC | #865206

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Hi since my earlier message, I've now discovered lots of useful info on the internet now about Mormons and Joseph Smith to answer my earlier queery..sure was a dodgy guy..34 wives, 17 in 1843 alone 2 of which were 14 !!..illegal bank, forgery of book of Abraham..let alone pro slavery & racism..and the twaddle about interpreting the golden plates with seer stones !!...don't normally watch South Park, but has a funny sketch in series 7 / 12 including the Joseph smith song.

Mon, 04 Apr 2011 13:11:37 UTC | #611693

Go to: Dealing with the pressures of Utah Mormonism

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Hi everyone

Thanks for your comments about Mormonism...I wondered if anyone knows any webpages / books on explaining in simple language to my children aged 12 & 13 about the criticims of Mormonism / LDS. I'm in a difficult situation where my ex-wife has converted to Mormonism after remarrying a Morman and they are trying to convert my children. Whilst thankfully they are old enough to think for themselves, it is difficult when faced with the pressure of thoughts & emotions coming from their mother, whom they also love. My sone thankfully is quite clearly an atheist..but my daughter is more emotionally vulnerable. Before I became an atheist recently, I was a kind of pantheist & brought my children up to believe in mother Earth & have respect for the world & people & animals in it. My daughter still believes in mother Earth, but her mother & partner are even trying to say that Mormans believe in mother earth too and are trying to show her so called Morman scripture to say why she really is a morman believing in mother Earth. Whilst I like to tink I tried to d my best in bringing them up to have respect for the Earth, I'm feeling guilty in suggesting the earth is divine..and feel I've taken part in brain washing my kids also. It's also difficult, in that when we went through the divorce, as you can imagine, it was emotionally very difficult for my children, so whilst I'm concerned about what thier mother is teaching them, I do not want to overload them with too much. any thoughts would be most appreciated.

Sat, 26 Mar 2011 10:04:40 UTC | #607324

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