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I agree. I admire and respect Dawkins, I have a weak spot for Hitchens despite some rather stark differences in opinion - but when it comes to laying out the underlying principles of this whole struggle of worldviews between religion and secularism, no one makes the case better and more convingcingly than Sam Harris.

And he DOES have the right to point out the he DID indeed start this whole wave with his book "The End of Faith".

I really cannot overstate how much I respect and admire him and how grateful I am for what he does.

Sun, 23 Aug 2009 16:11:00 UTC | #390821

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Interesting - I heard that as "Al", as in "Alfred"

Wed, 19 Aug 2009 01:25:00 UTC | #389650

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Neil deGrasse Tyson I simply an unbelievably talented communicator.

I love Professor Dawkins' work, he is a great author and a very good speaker and I mean no disrespect in any way - just had to remark on how, in this panel discussion, Tyson really stands out in his ability to engage the audience.

Thu, 23 Jul 2009 06:50:00 UTC | #381672

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On the "militant atheist" issue I want to second what Silvia said at #23 (and Hugh at #27):

I don't know Portuguese, but I do know Spanish rather well and in Spanish a "militante" of a political party, for example, is nothing but an "activist" for this party.
It is an entirely neutral word, not necessarily connoting aggression as it does in English (and in German, my mother language).

I suspect in Portuguese, which is very close to Spanish, the meaning is the same.

Fri, 10 Jul 2009 12:49:00 UTC | #377687

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I have always liked Lawrence Krauss' appearances and interviews so far but man, was he on a caffeine high or something?

I mean I don't want to overemphasize it - maybe it was just harmless exuberance. At least the others accepted his constant interruptions with nothing but gracious smiles and an odd look here or there, but he jumped in first on EVERY question and could barely contain himself to let the other panelists or even Bingham get a word in.

But overall a brilliant discussion. It is actually difficult for me to articulate what joy I derive from watching conversations like this - though I probably wouldn't go as far as DalaiDrivel (#18) suggests above :)

Keep up the good work, Roger Bingham.
(His TSN website is a treasure trove)

Mon, 27 Apr 2009 21:13:00 UTC | #354113

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