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I think it depends who how much you really wanted to do business with this guy.

Thu, 05 Jul 2012 16:00:47 UTC | #948618

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It's not brand marketing - it is Christian presenting the Bible and their beliefs in a relevant way. Even if you disgree with their message - would you agree that if RE is to be taught, why not make it interesting.

Thu, 05 Jul 2012 15:55:06 UTC | #948615

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You are correct - they are all differnt uses of the word "faith" - which really is my point. I don't really see "faith" and "religious faith" as generally being that different. Any faith is based on ones view of "evidence". Therefor (wether you agree or disagree with the conclusions) Christian belive in the return of Jesus and the afterlife beacuse of the resurrection of Jesus. I know that opens up another big debate - but my main point is that faith in the mind of a Christian is that:

  • Jesus said ABC would happen
  • ABC did happen
  • Jesus said XYZ would happen
  • Therefor because he was right about ABC we can trust (have faith) that XYZ will happen.
  • (I know that opens another big debate, but I want to focus on the nature of faith. I am happy to discuss the other bits about what Jesus said/didn't say elsehwere, but I hope you understand my point).


    Wed, 30 May 2012 08:43:46 UTC | #944415

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    Susan, a couple of small things occured to me about your comments (and I can't really find them all):

    1. "(arbitrarily? based in the 17th century... I meant to ask jimbob what is so special about 1611 in a universe that's 13.7 billion years old... but I'll get back to that)" the answer is nothing. The point I was trying to make is that language has changed a bit in meaning. There are words both in the KJV and Shakespeare that have changed slightly in thier meaning. My point was that the word HOPE had a stronger meaning inoriginal greek and was probably a stronger word in KJV time than today.

    1. you mentioned above that you felt that Christian seemed to redefine word like "Faith", "Belief" and "Evidence". I'm not sure that is true. I'm not sure we do but I think there are three issues that confuse the situation: a) "faith" has a number of meanings in different contexts. (even in the Bible) b) Sometimes Christians don't understand that. c) sometimes it is difficult to understand another person's POV.

    It feel to me (as a Christian) that I believe "faith" to be define in a certian way and people in here seem to want to tell me that I don't. It seems like people in here seem to know my mind better that I do.

    Wed, 30 May 2012 07:24:27 UTC | #944402

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    @hhobbit I didn't really find anything said as offensive, I simply didn't relate to his definitions. As Susan pointed out In the first minute of the video, Boghossian says, "First, I'll pin down and clarify the definition of faith in non-slippery, clear and simple language."

    I simply think he failed to do that. I think if we met in a pub and you asked me what faith means - my first response would be the first one on the list. I get the impression from some of the comments, above, that people in here always think "Faith = unreal" and "Science = real". I personally don't relate to that. As we both agree "Faith" can be used when talking about the real and the proven. I think the second definition can apply to Science. I have heard Atheist talk about Science in term of the fact that one day Science will prove certain things one day (it'sonly a matter of time). Why say that? Basically becuase Science has already done so much and that person has "faith" that it will one day find the other answers. (I think that's a reasonable use of the word "Faith".)

    I know this is all Semantics because the issue isn't really over the meaning of the word faith (I'm sure with a lot of discussion we could agree on terms) but over what that faith is in. I think the following statements are fair uses of the word "Faith"...

    1. I have faith that this chair will take my weight.
    2. I have faith that my football team will win the league this year.
    3. I have faith that Jesus is coming back.

    Each are fair use of the word faith but may require different levels of justification for that faith, (especially No the case of my team)

    Wed, 30 May 2012 07:07:00 UTC | #944400

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