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Sign on church lawn - last commented 09 April 2011 11:05 AM

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The only redeeming feature I can see here is that, unless I am mistaken, the beneficiary is the Church of England. Faith schools of any kind are bad news, but Anglican ones are the lesser of evils. I'd like to see the end of all government support for faith schools. But if a genie offered me an Anglican monopoly as the only way to abolish all Islamic and Roman Catholic Schools I'd take it.


I can see the headlines now. "Richard Dawkins does not believe in God but wants to make a deal with a genie!"

I have watched the show Richard did on Faith schools and how all the kids said they did not believe in evolution, and combine that with the article on students walking out of evolution classes in schools. Just think, if they get their way there will be a nation wide experiment on whether prayers can heal the sick.

Thu, 05 Jan 2012 15:13:29 UTC | #905531

Go to: Could You Be A Criminal? US Supports UN Anti-Free Speech Measure

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So can places like Iran and Saudi Arabia be asked why they permit material that portrays Jews as pigs and apes? Or shows video of bombers making statements that what they do is to cleanse the world of non-muslims? If the response is that under their laws such statements are allowed then the U.S. response to any complaints should be the same. Free speech is allowable under the laws and thus is not a crime.

If ont he other hand the resolution can force a meaningful debate of ideas where you cannot be shouted down or threatened for holding different views then great, let the debate begin.

I don't think that is likely, but you can hope.

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 01:03:18 UTC | #905129

Go to: Sign on church lawn

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I ignored it. In the grand scheme of things it means very little, but I posted it here to show that churches will mock Atheists (however gently and cute) and then call Atheists Strident and shrill and cause a fuss if posters go up on buses.

I did not even call and ask about Matthew 5:22. What would that accomplish, give them more fodder for a sermon?

Thu, 07 Apr 2011 08:03:56 UTC | #612874

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