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Go to: Why I refuse to debate with William Lane Craig

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Well done, Richard! Sometimes our self-respect just prohibits certain engagements.

I also look forward to seeing you not join Mr Craig in New York, London, Paris and San Francisco ... schedules permitting, of course.

Thu, 20 Oct 2011 14:26:07 UTC | #882434

Go to: Little girl in the audience and the Hitchens reading list

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What a great thing to see someone so young and full of curiosity about the world, eager to read and learn and think for herself. Far better than many adults I have known. I expect she will forever remember her moment with Hitch and read everything on that list—and much more in the years to come.

Well done, Mason and Christopher.

Tue, 11 Oct 2011 18:35:36 UTC | #879911

Go to: Sam Harris: Religions Are Failed Sciences

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I appreciate the many contributions of Sam, Richard, Hitchens and others in these important conversations going on now. As someone who was raised in a Christian family and indoctrinated early, I can attest to the value of reasoned voices in a world of superstitious teaching and anti-human doctrines.

I’ve decided to co-opt the term ‘born again’ for those of us who have been raised with religious nonsense and have chosen to think for ourselves and seek truth instead.

Also Sam, I enjoy your discussions of the benefits of meditative practice. I began meditating a couple of years ago and I agree with you that the transcendent experience need not be associated with supernaturalism or dogma. Regular meditation has brought many practical benefits to my experience and I can’t imagine living without it now.

Best wishes,


Sun, 07 Aug 2011 16:22:58 UTC | #858884

Go to: David Christian: Big history

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The Universe is kind of interesting, no?

Sat, 16 Apr 2011 20:01:56 UTC | #616239

Go to: Happy birthday, Christopher Hitchens

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Happy Birthday, Hitch. Many more, please.

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 20:52:31 UTC | #615110

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