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Go to: Noah's Ark 'could arrive in London for Olympics'

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I love how its built out of a steel substructure with some wood decorating on top. Any logically thinking person would ask why that was necessary, and probably come to the conclusion that it would not have worked otherwise. But then again, that logical thinking process is not necessarily inherent to believers. Or maybe the certifying shipping authorities had huge doubts about the 'only wood' construction and would not allow it.

Either way, it proves that a wooden ship that size is nonsense, and therefor the ark in the story (aside from the evidence against rest of the story...)

Shame though, that €1,3mil could have spend on more usefull goals. Maintenance of our historical heritage for example (which churches are part of).

Fri, 03 Jun 2011 11:53:56 UTC | #633655

Go to: Cosmic distance record 'broken'

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Comment 10 by Bipedal Primate :

@ Steve Zara

How come the expansion of the universe only applies to space and not mass? And if time was also created at the Big Bang, how come it doesn't apply to time? Or could it be that it does, but we can't measure it since there is no other instance of time to compare it to?

And are these questions stupid?

Mass isn't expanding as space is, because of the gravitational pull between particles. But if you want a more in depth explanation on this, I can recommend 'The Elegant Universe' by Brain Greene as I'm nowhere near knowledgeable about this to explain it properly.

As to your second question. No, your questions aren't stupid, definitely not considering the subject. Usually its only the answers that are...

Wed, 25 May 2011 22:30:30 UTC | #630938

Go to: Cuccinelli says guns in churches are okay if they’re for self-defense

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Why do they need the guns for protection? they got their deity to protect them don't they?... Oh wait...

Wed, 13 Apr 2011 20:43:54 UTC | #615106

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