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Comment 16 by phil rimmer :

Comment 15 by Premiseless

Hitch acted out the godless man!

I liked this much and just had to highlight it.

Dof , Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Supra Sancto.

Maybe I should wear a doffed hat around my neck? Some more than holy acknowledgement of a man unafraid to live beyond myth and to not subjugate himself to having to respect it unduly or to a degree where he propagates their lie by tolerant association with its conspirators and general myth market powers amongst humanity.

I like the notion "more than holy" for it positions well the myth exactly where holy truly is. When humans speak of "holy" they truly have been tricked into myth marketing (or time shares) in a situation they will never see the manufacture of, for any human let alone themselves, no matter how they obsess over their scriptural sales catalogues and generally brow beat the rest of us due this!

It is tragic that believers cannot see their own mirage is, by definition, myth made holy. And that they conspire by dominos rally as completely ignorant, in perpetuating this poison.

The dominos fall through each generation and each are blinded to the slight of hand that begun their descent into the mire of all myths.

Tue, 31 Jul 2012 04:42:35 UTC | #950330

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"atheists are animals and should be in hospital"

So which god of myth is the "god not of myth" my fellow homo sapiens and to what would you consider the particular selective evolution this god chose in only revealing itself except to a select minority in an age when communication technology took centuries to include all its species?

How in fact would your hospital doctor diagnose this question, prior to even considering the answer?

Tue, 31 Jul 2012 04:08:46 UTC | #950329

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Comment 14 by Roedy :

I am amazed you escaped.

Yes they have some perfected isolation techniques to leave your social infrastructures high and dry, plus most people out in society don't discuss deepities and would rather get on with life at the usually superficial level of something or other. Funny that! Your brain really finds no place for decommission.

Can you recall what arguments had the most effect on you?

The trauma was childhood indoctrination with Biblical authority per se absent real access to debate and learning. The fact it was a national delusion seemed too credulous to the young mind. Yellow brick road behaviour provides the unwitting observer with too much circumstantial evidence to consider it what it essentially is. The questioning mind is naturally curious to interrogate this, provided opportunities. It is not difficult for JW's, thereafter, to divide and conquer the mind of someone already deluded by their countrymen with the notion the Bible has been granted some sort of cosmic authority - saying as how they have translators in the ancient languages etc. Also the KJV is less accessible a format compared to current texts and the subtleties of meaning. One gets quickly caught in the millennial maze scriptures have conspired to inflict on us!

Plus my brain had no awareness or clue about alternative. Accessibility was wrapped in some form of psychological C-PTSD and painful shyness. Breaking out would be more embarrassing a venture than being subdued - is how the mind had been forged. Society is largely an unforgiving and prejudging terrain. Most people are not freethinkers per se - nor are they skilled at revealing this.

It is not good!

It took me to see how religion is very much of the set of all myths in human history before I entered a phase of bereavement for my previous emotional allegiance to it.

Hitch, in the Four Horsemen DVD was a perfect epitome of a character playing an incredulous role in life as a human. One almost got the sense ( from his subliminal actions|) he was above everyones role in the room, like some greek god looking on. It was his part in this which "changed the way I think". Till then I had acknowledged this intellectually but hardly known how to apply it personally. He acted out the godless man! The difference between knowledge and role model was conspired. Of course, there again, one can only really have this in ones life when it is in ones life, so a next best thing is to see it played so to speak. In this sense JW's get up close and personal with people - offering them some pseudo role model absented from their lives to date. The human brain is receptive to such inputs, for reasons not always wholly reasonable.

Sun, 29 Jul 2012 05:13:44 UTC | #950275

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Maybe Freemason Charles Taze Russell would have condemned staying up late for the Aurora in case a mad NRA guy was on the Munros?

Sun, 29 Jul 2012 04:30:23 UTC | #950270

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JW's devolve personal authority to the "governing body" under the crazy notion it is Biblical fulfillment of prophecy appointed by gods first angel Jesus (prior to Earthly vacation and return to base on starship crucifix). This ""body" is a secretive senate of a few guys whom they claim are part of an elite chosen few. As such they preclude all human government from having any worthwhile authority save that which their "faithful and discrete (or shameful and shitcreek - dependent on your level of delusion)" senate of slaves decide is to be conceded due the more intelligent wisdom of outside agency - more commonly known as Joker - in all his guised as god the world over throughout history. ( If only humans could ever get over themselves and their deep emotions that "god" really is the big joke pretending to be an almighty answer to everything)

Elders get top level published slips of directive to bestow upon congregations everywhere to keep followers wised up against worldy ways and influences. A kinda Hamish memeplex from which translatable memes are priority in as many languages as possible as an ambition to combat Satans leading the whole world down a path of trickery - which misleads everyone of course from the trick that a community of goatherders from a small location in the Middle East was supposed to hold the secret to a particular primates elitist notion they could escape the plight of life on Earth which ends in our being recycled in a long line of biochemistry.

Very stupid statements such as this are commonplace and all part of a basic subversion of the rank and file to feel responsible for every human on Earth by setting a role model to them which essentially amounts to lots of non- human activity and especially non- human style thought controls - deferred to this ridiculous book from antiquity filled with all the general horrors of human behaviour in an imaginary dress rehearsal called Yaweh et al. Some precursor to Shakespeare, that!

JW's are still seeking "The Bard life" under the delusion every authority on Earth is of lesser relevance to their eternal lottery. A common gambling theme of theism in its many guises.

Their meme lottery is kinda satirical when you look at the gambling minded per se with their close and nasty relations oppressing the vulnerable via drug runners and brain addicts in your locality communities.

One begins to see how pyramid schemes everywhere are founded on delusions and deceptions and limited knowledge, further down the rank and file of every tribe of humans one goes. Pseudo authority seems the evolved model for short term gains to be hunted. Money? chemical highs? eternal trickery? - all are in your local marketplace, and more!

Come children check out your local childcatchers!

Sun, 29 Jul 2012 04:11:26 UTC | #950268

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