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No one comes out alive. I have had my moment of reflection, accepted this final judgment of a sorts, and have since stopped worrying.

Does not matter what you believe, or even what is true. You, like everyone before you, will perish. Your sons will stay. That's the cycle of life. Simple enough :)

Sat, 28 Jul 2012 03:46:47 UTC | #950203

Go to: living in the watchtower

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Hello fellow countryman! :)

I'd suggest taking her to museums, showing her lots of documentaries on science, wild life, etc. These have a way to make children use their brains. Children love to learn, after all.

Answer all her questions truthfully and with reasonable arguments. There's no real competition for the actual truth. Replace magic superstition with reason and knowledge. Simple formula, I hope.

Or... You could have a chat with your in-laws. "Look, she'll pick her religion herself, when she's older. No need to indoctrinate her now, she's just a baby!"

Wed, 18 Jul 2012 15:09:50 UTC | #949498

Go to: Is religious proselytising on the rise in UK schools?

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Comment Removed by Author

Wed, 18 Jul 2012 15:09:23 UTC | #949497

Go to: A past Muslim . . . now an atheist in Pakistan

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My suggestion would be to leave Pakistan. You can easily find help moving to some European countries... :)

Tue, 10 Jul 2012 14:17:44 UTC | #948845

Go to: Open letter and video re threat to GM Research

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Comment 4 by Red Dog :

3) The profit influence. Most of the GM research is funded by corporations like Monsanto. They talk about feeding the world but what they really care about is making more money. Which is fine, I like Capitalism, but we need to keep that in mind. Some of the GM modifications -- such as making plants sterile so farmer always have to buy seeds or making crops more resistant to pesticides that Monsanto sells -- have little to do with helping anyone but the corporations that sponsor them.

Actually, this is what the authors have to say on that point:

Our work is publically funded, we have pledged that our results will not be patented and will not be owned by any private company - if our wheat proves to be beneficial we want it to be available to farmers around the world at minimum cost. If you destroy publicly funded research, you leave us in a situation where only the big corporations can afford the drastic security precautions needed to continue biotechnology research - and you therefore further promote a situation you say you are trying to avoid.

The point is, the potential dangers are not enough to discourage R&D and proper testing. I have my share of concerns for GM products, but FFS, it also has the potential of solving many of the world's food problems!

Wed, 02 May 2012 14:41:41 UTC | #939022

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