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Hate to see Mozart's Requiem dumped, not to mention all the negro spirituals used by slaves to communicate with each other without being caught by their owners. Beautiful vocal music that because of its historical roots is religious.

There is a theory that western harmony developed because of the tuning fork effects of the stone arches of the great cathedrals.

This lawsuit could be opening a big stinky can of worms. You cannot study music more than superficially without running smack dab into religion.

Like it or not, music will always be a repository for our religious past.

Mon, 20 Aug 2012 12:25:31 UTC | #951073

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Questioning Cat, I had a similar experience with night terrors. In times of depression I would be haunted by the idea that I was the devil's spawn. I started getting spooked over slamming doors and other "unexplainable" events. This was after many years of atheism.

One of my favorite RDF posters posted an article he wrote about The Loadstone. This led me to consider how early people must have been spooked by its invisible powers and how later the loadstone became useful.

One night I had a dream that the devil was writing on my arm using derma-script. I could feel the fear rising, but I was able to stay with it because of curiosity. Then a sinister voice said, "The answer is on a game show." I could hear the Jeopardy theme song! I started giggling and woke up laughing.

The second post advising you to face the fear, feel it in full and let it dissolve, is excellent advice.

So far, I have found it to be very freeing to not have those vestiges of my former christian beliefs haunting me.

Also there are atheist groups dealing with recovering from religion.

Tue, 24 Jul 2012 12:45:46 UTC | #949982

Go to: Prayer at a working lunch?

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LIEBORE, you may think that your silence provides you with privacy in this matter, but you are mistaken. To the religious it is obvious by your refusal to join in with at least a "praise the Lord" you are, at best, a nonbeliever. It is rather like a password or secret handshake. Some here likened their ability to find other faith-heads as Goddar as opposed to Gaydar. I think it is more that as atheist we lose (or never have) the vocabulary along with the thought processes of the religious.

It is probably better than allowing them to know you are an atheist, but not by much.

Mon, 09 Jul 2012 13:31:22 UTC | #948803

Go to: Alienated atheist in Pennsylvania seeks people of like mind

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It seems to me there is always some way to be lonely. You have a friend who likes to do a hobby you enjoy, but they don't agree with you in some area of, say, politics. Or you find someone who agrees with you politically, but you don't have anything else in common. I think of religion in the same way. It may be rather condescending, but sometimes you just have to have compassion for the "faults" of other people. Life is easier if you accept that you are your own oasis or island or dessert.

On the other hand, the above advice about associating with a university is a good idea. Also there are many atheist and humanist groups just a google search away. If you search for CFI (Center For Inquiry) in your state, you may discover through their site a group that is close to your area.

Mon, 04 Jun 2012 10:28:30 UTC | #945438

Go to: Psychiatry Giant Sorry for Backing Gay ‘Cure’

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Shannon 1981, Thank you for mentioning how discrimination against gays affects the lives of heteros too. I've seen this for myself, I've tried to explain to others, but I get looks as though I had grown a second nose.

Fri, 25 May 2012 16:44:29 UTC | #943516

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