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Go to: Conversion on Mount Improbable: How Evolution Challenges Christian Dogma

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Comment 8 by mmurray :

There are not different ways of knowing. There is knowing and not knowing, and those are the only two options in this world.

Beautifully put. So good I am going to "borrow" it! Michael

Beat me to it, I've long held this view and will stick to it 'til I die. Religion has gotten a free pass on 'enlightened' thinking long enough, it's high time we started blowing the myths up and get everyone on the logic train. ;}

non est deus

Wed, 09 May 2012 18:38:43 UTC | #940759

Go to: Who would rally against reason? [Also in Polish]

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I'll start off by picking on Red Dog... you used 'peaked' instead of 'piqued', which as far as I know has only ever been used to preceed " curiosity". -Editor Stonn ;} (No hard feelings, you know I luv you man, lol.)

And a nice article by RD, can never hit home the truth often enough... even if it does fall on mostly deaf ears (hence having to say it over and over).

non est deus

Sun, 25 Mar 2012 23:57:53 UTC | #930467

Go to: Let Them Eat Dirt

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It's like everything else... do it in moderation. Over-do it and you run the risk of succumbing to it; deprive yourself of it in increments and you run the risk of getting hit with something that you haven't worked up to fight it. The analogy of 'eating dirt' is silly, I'd never want my kid to do it, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't rush my kid to the hospital if he faceplanted after falling off a bike. We've come far enough in science to take care of most anything that we can catch that isn't nice to our bodies, but the first thing we have to do is let the body fight first.

Sun, 25 Mar 2012 23:35:55 UTC | #930464

Go to: Richard Dawkins - MSNBC's "Up w/Chris Hayes" covering atheism in America - Sunday at 8am ET

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I would like to give thanks to God for creating the DVR and allowing me to record the show.

Richard was in full strident form, got some good laughs out of it... and he's right, when these religious nuts come out you have to call them to the mat on the crazy shit they say and do.

Second I'd like to say that the Aus hit a home run with his words:"The dirty little secret of the church is... no one's reading it. If people did read it then religion would suffer a massive blow." (The gist of what he said, not verbatim.) Basically if people actually read it and analyzed the bible it would throw up alarms starting on page one, and not stopping until the book closed. This guy, Aus, is one of those few that got sucked into religion but wouldn't get rose-colored glasses and deny anything opposed to religious teachings no matter how much things made sense. I'd really like him to go in-depth on his deconversion, and even go so far as to ask if the church does anything covert to dissuade 'the faithful' from learning about reality vs the teachings of the bible.

Gotta say, I was kinda worried when I saw Pinker... some mousy little dude, gonna spout off some crazy shit, get all hysterical at moments... I was dead wrong. Pinker is a serious dude, well spoken, and sharp as a ginsu knife hot off the snakestone. o.O

If you haven't watched it get on youtube or find it wherever it is... good stuff.

non est deus

Sun, 25 Mar 2012 23:25:22 UTC | #930463

Go to: Richard Dawkins - MSNBC's "Up w/Chris Hayes" covering atheism in America - Sunday at 8am ET

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Damn, wrong weekend for a battle assembly. :P Suppose it's ok though, I get to have next Sunday off, can go to the Rock Beyond Belief. ;}

WAIT! I has a DVR. o.O yay!

Sun, 25 Mar 2012 11:41:26 UTC | #930355

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