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OK, now that I reread it I believe you are correct. If that's the case then I apologize.

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 16:41:40 UTC | #950894

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Reminds me a bit of the discussion we had over this case, though that was much more severe than a few god-references in music class.

I thought of that discusion as well. It was regarding an ugly little monument in a public parking lot and I came down on the side of leaving well enough alone.

This one is different. It involves children in an public educational environment. It's completely inapropriate for a public school to be teaching children religous songs under any circumstance.

Besides, there are plenty of secular songs that can be used to teach kids. I remember singing 'Row Your Boat' with the musical concept being taught was singing in the round. It was quite fun, as I remember.


You hit the nail on the head about Donahue. What a jerk.

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 15:27:03 UTC | #950890

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Being in an American math class, we didn't really have much to do...

You might have tried teaching kids, you know, math. Perhaps then you wouldn't have needed to qualify the math class as American, as if it's a pejorative term that excuses your own inapropriate work place behavior.

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 15:07:08 UTC | #950887

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I've never read the bible either. I never felt like I was missing anything. And I believed in a 'higher power' for many years. It just never occured to me that I should. Now a days, I just don't see the point.

Incidentally, most of what I do know about the bible comes from fellow atheists quoting all the craziness. Kind of funny if you think about it.

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 14:47:50 UTC | #950885

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I don't get all the hub bub about 'first cause' arguments like the kind being discussed on the link.

Even if the universe could not have started spontaneously and absolutely requires a cause to originate...

How does that prove or even begin to prove that the phenomena that created the universe is still in existence, can read our minds, wants us to worship it, favors any particular religion, is homophobic, is omnipotent and on and on?

Mon, 06 Aug 2012 21:11:50 UTC | #950463

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