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Although there are many claims of people "knowing" god. I will always claim that I know that there isn't. It's quite simple, when a christian is asked why they think the Earth is less than 10,000 years old (And that number does vary, give or take thousands of years between different christian sects) The will say that god created it. Then, when asked well.... How do you explain carbon dating and dinosaur bones that predate god supposedly creating the world, the response is "god planted dinosaur bones to test our faith" or "god planted evidence of carbon dating"etc...... blah blah blah. The fact that I have heard this from a couple christians also Joe Rogan tells a story of the same experience, shows that this BS is taught to them.

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Sat, 18 Jun 2011 23:02:16 UTC | #640184

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Yet, even with all the instances of equal or of greater horrendous intent, we still cannot overthrow religion. Religion must remain unscathed through senseless murder, molestation, fraud, embezzlement, psychological wounding of children and the list of extreme ignorance goes on. Decrepit in its very essence, Religion has made it through due to lack of true spirituality and intelligence on our poisoned planet. We are fed food that is bad for us and even the food that we are taught is good for us is grown/farmed in unhealthy manner leaving us stuck and dying. Lack of proper food/water in this "project dumbdown" of sorts is a contributor to lack of reason/intelligence within the human population. Population control is in effect and has been for a long time, we are undoubtedly growing more wise to our so called "leaders" but I feel the masses are still looking to their "holy book" for answers. I applaud Richard Dawkins and his colleagues that are straight forward and tough in their stance of a religion free world and I hope one day I am not bombarded by the "freedom of religion" BS. Freedom of thoughts and ideas are a human right for sure but when a thought or idea, that won't ever be proven due to fallacy and hurts so many, is not looked at with deep deniability on a global scale, then we have a serious problem or conflict within the Human rights moral law. Because legal systems around the world are lead by religious influence and bibles are present in all courtrooms, we are forced in a sense to oblige religion due to our obligation to the law. A major change is on its way, enlightenment, which we so desperately need as ideas of a better future are widespread. I just hope for a day when people listen to the cry's of the people instead of government or fraudulent institutions. The Venus Project lead by Jauque Fresco is one way that should be considered and any ideas that create betterment for society should be researched and implemented.

~RevoltFuture - Because we have to.

Sat, 18 Jun 2011 22:37:36 UTC | #640171

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