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I thank everyone who has contributed to this forum topic politely, with some good advice and useful information. It is not the sort of topic which should cause anger, and thankfully most people have responded in a measured and helpful way. I never intended by admitting that I am an atheist who wishes he could believe in God again could possibly be the cause of anger. Whilst I personally disagree with many belief systems and do dislike religious fundamentalism, I nevertheless would not attack anyone personally because their beliefs differ to mine. Discussion can happen without anger, and I am grateful to all who have responded in the spirit that my forum post was intended. I especially thank those atheists, who have mentioned similar personal experiences of moving away from a God and religion, as I have found these particularly useful, and has helped me to realise that trying to force myself to believe in God is not possible, as it goes against everything I believe in.

Wed, 21 Sep 2011 12:06:27 UTC | #873517

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Comment 115 by blitz442 :

Comment 113 by Muldanian

Blitz442, I have now reported you for your offensive and abusive language, which is not called for on a site such as this, which has as its aim the fight against intolerance by the use of critical thinking

It would be nice if you could actually point to an example of where you have demonstrated any critical thinking. In response to my very straightforward queries in earlier posts, you did nothing but sidestep.

I think that your ideas are sloppy and facile, and your reasoning on this topic sucks. You also chronically misrepresent atheism despite repeated posts that point this out. That is not a personal attack - intelligent people can flail around on these kinds of topics for all sorts of emotional reasons. Just read any theologian or accommodationist scientist.

You don't see this crucial distinction, so you lash out. Furthermore, you hypocritically respond to me with a slew of personal insults that really can be construed as offensive, because they in no way address the points I was making. Rather than resort to your infantile response and run to the moderators, I offer this suggestion to you: Stick to sites that reinforce what you already believe. You are clearly not ready to discuss this rationally.

I have made no personal attack against you. Yet you have been unbelievably rude with no cause. I'm sorry I have a different opinion to you, but you will find that there are many people in the world who do not share your point of view. This does not make them all bad people. I am shocked and amazed that anyone can become so very angry, about my topic. If you find the fact that an atheist might actually want to believe in God because of the comfort it ued to give me, then perhaps you should stick to sites, where everyone shares your exact view. It would prevent you becoming so upset.

Wed, 21 Sep 2011 11:35:24 UTC | #873502

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Blitz442, I have now reported you for your offensive and abusive language, which is not called for on a site such as this, which has as its aim the fight against intolerance by the use of critical thinking. It is people such as you which unfortunately give atheists a bad name.

Tue, 20 Sep 2011 23:39:14 UTC | #873362

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I am coming to realise that atheism may require of me a strict observance, for which I am perhaps not prepared. This kind of thinking, I had come to expect from religion, but atheism, I had assumed allowed me a certain freedom of thought. My intention was not one of postulating, but simply a playing with ideas of God, which should not be assumed as making any kind of claim, as some people seem to think I am doing. My reason for starting this discussion in the first place was to honestly lay before my fellow atheists my current conflict between what I actually do believe, and what, if I had the choice I would choose to believe. And I do not for one moment think I am unique in having such experience.

To use an analogy, I might describe the fact that I do not believe in ghosts or spirits of any kind. Yet this does not stop me from enjoying a good ghost story, or feeling fear if left alone in a so-called haunted house. In a similar way, whilst my logic does not allow me the possibility of God, I nevertheless would wish it so, and find that I instinctively find myself saying "help me God!" when in need. By doing this I am making no claim that such a deity exists, but am simply trying my best to explain, although obviously very unsuccessfully, that I, perhaps like many people do not always respond in a logical way. It must make things far easier for those of you who can do so, and who really do harbour no instinctive need for the divine, and find those of us who do to be irrational and find the need to compare such a need to the need of a child for an imaginary friend.

So my God of causes, or of the gaps, is not something I believe to have objective reality, and may indeed be an attempt to fool myself by the use of intellectual dishonesy or deliberate linguistic confusion. However this should not prevent me from such contemplation. Atheism, as far as I am concerned is not the new fundamentalism, and is something which does not prescribe certain types of thought. Freedom to think, should not be considered as anti-atheist..

Tue, 20 Sep 2011 19:54:40 UTC | #873258

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Comment 106 by blitz442 :

Comment 105 by Muldanian

He/She/It/They would be a god of cause, perhaps a part of the universe, as well as being the creator of it.

As no other god does, I don't expect my created god to have any existence outside of my own mind.

Contradiction. If statement 1 is true, and you and I are both part of the same Universe, then your second statement cannot be true. Your God would have an objective reality to me as well.

I suggest that you just stick with the assertion that your invented God exists in your own mind, and drop any notion that your imaginary God somehow is the cause of the non-imaginary Universe. But then I have no idea how this is any different from having an imaginary friend. Maybe you should seek solace and meaning in alternative sources, such as real friends, activities you enjoy, etc.

I think it perfectly possible to believe in a God of causes, without there necessarily being any objective evidence for it. People manage to believe in many things for which there is no proof, simply because the human mind has a wonderful ability for self-deception. Whilst this may seem irrational, it probably nevertheless have an evolutionary reason or even benefit for it.

As to taking solace from real things, I can assure you that I have plenty of such solace, including good friends, a nice home, a loving pet cat, and plenty of interests.

Tue, 20 Sep 2011 14:03:46 UTC | #873099

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