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Comment 5 by JuJu :

The current state of the Republican Party is the most irrational of all time. Nothing they are trying to accomplish makes any sense. Its funny that they dislike the Obama healthcare plan because they wrongly suggest that it somehow interferes with the doctor/patient relationship, and that the government shouldn't be interfering in those matters. Yet here they are going out of there way to push through laws 'requiring' interference between the doctor and patient.

They refuse to negotiate tax reform and lie about what the democrats are suggesting. When democrats say they want to plug the tax loopholes that are allowing the corporations to pay little or no taxes, and in some cases receive money from the government, the republicans are trying to tell the American people that the democrats want to raise everyone's taxes. Makes no sense. And then the ones that do accept the fact that we should plug the loopholes want to instigate lower tax rates for the corporations to offset the money they would loose from fixing the loopholes. Talk about smoke and mirrors.

The republican's are playing dirty, lying to to the American public in order to get people elected that will create laws that fit their ideological positions. They're trying to pass voter ID bills and similar measures to lower the democratic vote in the next elections. They're a bunch of lying dirty rotten hypocritical scumbags as far as I can tell.

Very well said. I'm only 26, but as long as I have been old enough to follow politics, this is how the republican party has been. Republicans get elected by manipulating the masses, which they are very good at, but their policies don't make any sense. So many of the people who vote republican would benefit far more under democratic policies, where they would be taxed less and get more social benefits, but instead of voting democratic, they are convinced by the republican party that democrats are socialists, communists, and terrorists (all at once) who hate America.

And I agree that the republican party seems to be getting even more insane as of late. It seems their current goals are 1) using the deficit as an excuse to cut social programs, which they have always hated and 2) prevent Obama from accomplishing anything so that when elections come they can call him an ineffective president and blame him for our current situation. Our country is falling apart economically and their only concerns are pursuing their crazy ideology and trying to get reelected.

Tue, 19 Jul 2011 01:26:41 UTC | #851165

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Comment 7 by SoHelpMeReason :

I'm sorry, I know I'm commiting the Grave Moderator's Sin of Not Staying On Topic, but that picture at the top has me fixated on it. That cross with the dead Jesus on it is just so gory. I just don't understand why of all things imaginable this is the religion's symbol. I feel like a scared little kid protectively squinting while I take a nanosecond glance at Tutankhamun's open tomb.

It's to remind you that Jesus died for your sins. Look at what Jesus went through, all so that you can have eternal life despite your inherently evil nature! You would truly have to be an awful person to forsake Jesus after all the suffering he endured just for you! Jesus loves you...

Sun, 26 Jun 2011 22:25:05 UTC | #843112

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