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He will be missed. This is a sad day. R.I.P. Hitch

Fri, 16 Dec 2011 09:30:42 UTC | #899574

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Hi Richard,

it's been a while since I read "The God Delusion" in German, but I remember that I was slightly disappointed as far as the translation by Sebastian Vogel was concerned. The stringency in the entire argumentation appeared to be a bit random at times; some chapters seemingly didn't have much to do with the following or the previous chapter - and I assume that isn't the case in the English version. Still, all in all it was an acceptable translation. I've read worse - for example the translation of "God is not Great" by Anne Emmert. Horrible. Avoid her.

To avoid future translation rapes I'd too say that proofreading by bilingual, educated and trustworthy people is the best way if an open source project is out of question. Unfortunately my English isn't good enough to offer my service to you.

Take care, AE

Tue, 08 Nov 2011 13:31:16 UTC | #888588

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Never overestimate the good taste of the press...

Sorry, but you made that juxtaposition.

Fri, 16 Sep 2011 08:37:43 UTC | #871444

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I complained about inappropriate Nazi comparisons a lot, can't leave out the latest outrageous contribution made by no other than the speaker of the Vatican. He said that the boycotting members of parliament reenforce the image of "the ugly German" many non-Germans "sadly" still have. Dunno if that saying, "the ugly German" even exists or is understood outside of Germany - it of course refers to the Nazi era. Which means that elected members of the German parliament who follow their conscience and boycott the Pope, thereby truly representing Germany as an open, pluralist society, are, as far as the Vatican is concerned, Nazis. I guess that makes the Pope a Jew. Who would have thought that!

Since the topic of demonstrating against the Pope is apparently cleared, I like to go back to our debate.

Hitler himself declared nazism to be the German face of fascism on many an occasion. His constant parroting of Mussolini included the attempt to replicate the March on Rome in Berlin. But more importantly, both dictators were heavily influenced by Spengler, who advocated corporatism, rather than capitalism. Goebbels and other major nazi figures took a dim view of Italian fascism and of Hitler's fascination with Mussolini, but it is undeniable that Hitler was the regime's chief architect and that his views were by far the prevailing ones. I recognise that there are differences, however, just not that deep.

Yeah, Hitler loved to talk. If we'd believe him we'd have to conclude that he was a man of peace who was forced into war by other European nations and the Jews. 'Cos he said so. True, he initially admired Mussolini, was influenced among others by Spengler, and definitely was the decisive person in Germany. But the Nazi ideology still was something different from what the fascist had to offer. Contrary to you I think that those differences are way more important - or "deep" - than the also existing similarities between the two regimes. And the millions that were destined to be murdered plus the millions more destined to be slaves because of nothing else but the Nazi ideology are my argument for that. Btw, Goebbels wasn't a major Nazi figure as far as ideological aspects were concerned. He was more of a worker than a thinker, as strange as that may sound. I once read a piece where he tried to be a fundamental theoretical Nazi philosopher... Amazing how hollow his words were! Just pointless, incoherent babbling.

Hell, they are indeed, if we go by body count. But the Italians were no alien to war crimes (see the actions of Graziani and Badoglio in Africa, Albania and Greece), nor to racial propaganda. I understand the difference and ideological underpinnings between gassing unarmed civilians through aerial bombardment and building extermination camps, but that is of little consolation to either class of victims. (for some reason blockquote didn't work for that...)

Everybody committs war crimes. Some are bad, some are REALLY bad. The "Endlösung" and the "Generalplan Ost" however were no war crimes, even though they happenend during times of war. They were both planned before the war against the Soviet Union even began, and the reasons for both were ideological. They were worse than war crimes; deliberate crimes against humanity.

If they didn't want it, then why they signed some of it into law, way before Hitler could truly dictate any condition? I think both fascism and nazism inherently do not care an iota for human life, and indeed require scapegoating and fearmongering in order to propagate and to survive the effects of their own internal inconsistencies.

As an Italian you should know the answers to that better than I do. I do know that the Nazis urged the fascists to implement these laws, I also read that antisemitic propaganda was on the rise in Italy after 1933. The question remains, though: Why were there so relatively mild consequences for the Italian Jews compared to what Jews had to experience where ever Hitler could truly dictate?

Some prominent scholars consider this an outdated view (except Mussolini's initial antipathy for antisemitism). Although as an Italian myself I so wish it were true. See please:

Sorry, I don't see anything in that article that disputes what I said. I was unaware of the diagnosed myth of fascist Italy as a "spark of good and hope"; and I wouldn't have said that. Still, if you were an European Jew, you'd better been an Italian than a German - let alone Polish - Jew, right? I think there's enough in your history to be ashamed of (more to be proud of), and present politics in Italy are also... um, not that great. But as bad as the fascist regime was, it wasn't as bad as the Nazis.

I also enjoyed this conversation, thanks!

the stupid "germany before 1945 crap"

Ich fand die Unterhaltung nicht im geringsten dumm, sondern sehr interessant. Wenn's dir nicht passt, kennst du doch die einfache Lösung: Nicht lesen. Aber so 'ne beiläufige Beleidigung... büschen unschön, nech?

Hummel Hummel!

Fri, 16 Sep 2011 07:45:47 UTC | #871431

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Indeed, I derailed the conversation. Sorry about that.

Good night!

Thu, 15 Sep 2011 22:13:56 UTC | #871310

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