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"Where did this talk take place?"

At the Royal Geographical Society

Thu, 07 Aug 2008 05:23:00 UTC | #213904

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This is from

"Meat was permitted from animals which had cloven hoofs and which also chewed the cud. This meant that sheep, cows and deer could all be eaten.

This rule excluded all meat-eating animals. With the exception of pigs, we generally follow the same rule today.

We can safely eat pig meat in many countries today, but only because strict regulations protect us from becoming involved in the life cycle of the pig tapeworm or the pig roundworm. This can happen when people eat raw or undercooked pork or bacon containing the larvae of the tapeworm or roundworm. The results can include blindness, paralysis, epilepsy and even death.

Pigs also transmit a number of other infections, including the well-known salmonella bacteria. An even more serious infectious disease known as "pig-bel" is sometimes seen in the highlands of New Guinea following ritual pig kills and pork feasting."

Seriously, they are trying to use this to prove that god exists. What they are actually saying is that science has shown us how to make pork safe, but god didn't know.

Wed, 22 Nov 2006 02:00:00 UTC | #8708

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Colin, this article from November's issue of Prospect backs up your comment:

Tue, 21 Nov 2006 06:56:00 UTC | #8603

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From the Onion:
Study: Uneducated outbreeding Intelligentsia 2 to 1
May 14, 1997 | Issue 31•18

CHICAGO—In a report with dire implications for the intellectual future of America, a University of Chicago study revealed Monday that the nation's uneducated are breeding twice as fast and twice as often as its educated. "The average member of the American underclass spawns at age 15, compared to age 30 for the average college-educated professional," study leader Kenneth Stalls said. "America's intellectual elite, as a result, are badly losing the genetic marathon, with two generations of dullards born for every one generation of cultured literates." Added Stalls: "At this rate, by the year 2100 there will be five smart people on Earth, swallowed whole by more than 12 billion mouth-breathers incapable of understanding the binary exponentiation that swamped the Earth with their like." High-school dropout Mandi Drucker, 16, said of the findings, "All I know is, we're in love."

Tue, 21 Nov 2006 05:46:00 UTC | #8598

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