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I'd like to thank everyone here. I've enjoyed my visit immensely.

I had never heard of Richard Dawkins until I saw a book of his in a local book store. I decided to visit the website out of interest in what was written. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I made a lot of "tongue in cheek" remarks just to see if anyone would respond. I thought what I said would just get ignored. Boy, I was wrong on that one!

You people don't know me or my beliefs. All you know is what I wrote on this website when I was feeling a little bored on a Saturday afternoon. Perhaps I should give a little background (not that it matters any, but the other things were read and evidently believed, so maybe this will, too).

I grew up in the Christian church and left the faith when I was about 20. I started to buy into these points of view that abound on this website myself. I even promoted them to others. But after time went along, it was obvious what an empty existence it was, at least to me. I studied the various religious faiths of the world at university and found them all wanting. So I came back to my faith and I'm glad I did.

No, I can't prove to your scientific satisfaction that my faith is correct. Some of you seem to have your minds made up about it anyway. God does not command us to convert anyone. Our commission is to spread the Gospel into the world and He will do the rest.

And there is no doubt that some who profess to be Christians, say and do terrible things. But condemning me and others for those actions would be like me condemning every German for what the Nazis did 70 years ago. That makes no sense and accomplishes nothing.

I'm sorry that people feel the way that they do about Christianity. That is our fault obviously and we will be judged accordingly. But our own failures don't change the message. The messengers have failed, but the message hasn't. The church has set a bad example through the centuries, but it does some things right.

God has given everyone free will to believe what they want. I have chosen this way because it has helped my life greatly. But each person is different and has to make their own choice. I would just ask that you concentrate on the Word itself and not the mistakes that have and are made in its name.

Mon, 01 Aug 2011 12:20:02 UTC | #856536

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Keep 'em coming!! Keep 'em coming!! LOL

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 21:08:44 UTC | #856338

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Gosh, thank you all for your responses!! I love hate mail!! Without much effort at all I have stirred up all the hornets in the nest! I'm really having a wonderful time!

Such reasoned and well thought out arguments! I'm learning so much in just 2 pages of emails!

Keep the responses coming! It's such a shame that the moderator removed someone's comment. I would have loved to read it. Re-post it so I can see it before it gets removed!

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 19:06:20 UTC | #856307

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Strangebrew is a good name for you.

You make a great argument - calling me a brain dead apologist. I got over name calling in first grade. Obviously, you haven't matured to that point.

Christians don't look at ourselves as perfect, which is why we repent. You oughta try it sometime. It may get you over the anger. Or maybe one of those new-age management classes would help. I'll do my best to pray for ya. Confession is good for the soul.

It always makes me laugh out loud at the seething anger displayed at Christians. For a group of people who don't share our faith, you spend a lot of time getting worked up about it. I don't believe in little green monsters from Neptune and don't spend a minute worrying over it. Folks like you sure devote a lot of time that you could spend reading the Bible in spreading your hatred. Chill out.

It is not politically correct for a Christian to defend himself nowadays. Big Media believes it can say anything it wants and get away with it. And for the most part, they do, at least in regard to Christianity. My point is that only a fool would say the things about Islam that he says about Christianity and expect to receive only email replies. It is very frustrating for anyone to have beliefs that they hold dear constantly belittled and insulted. It's no wonder that some strike back. It is quite surprising that it doesn't happen more often. Responding in that way is not what we are taught to do, but we are only human, after all. If it makes you feel better to regard us as cretins, have it your way.

Sun, 31 Jul 2011 01:43:15 UTC | #856049

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Interesting that you bring up the concept of love. Scientifically speaking, how old is love? 10,000 years? A million? A billion? 4.6 billion? Was the universe full of the concept of love when it went "Boom, Boom"? Does science consider the formation of the universe as a loving or hateful event? Did love develop at the universe's "conception" or in the "third tri-mester"? Does love make the world go round?
Are the lower primates more loving than Democrats? Republicans? Communists? Athiests? Has science discovered the exact source of love? Does it come from water? Rocks? WalMart? Exactly what is the size of love? A square foot? A mile? Is it everlasting? Is it unconditional?

Science needs to devote much more time and effort to find out the exact dimensions of love. It will certainly raise scientists' esteem with the general public, especiallly after the global warming scandal that has tarnished so many reputations. Maybe all these fellows need is more love.

But I guess this accomplishment will never occur. Sad. After all, love can't be measured by the five senses, can it? So why do some scientists believe in this strange concept? Do some of you guys actually get married? Not very logical. Mr. Spock would never make that mistake.

By the way, the previous writers of this thread obviously forgot to read the posting rules. Kind of a little "flamey" if you ask me. Seems to be a lack of love involved. Perhaps, scientifically speaking, a pill can be developed in this regard. There certainly is a market for it on your website.

I'm also interested to know that this website is now seen in Turkey. Hope your life insurance is paid up. Because once that world-famous group known for their love, the Muslims, read the opinions on this site, you'll find out first hand how their comments and actions differ from Christians'.

Sat, 30 Jul 2011 21:20:14 UTC | #855945

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