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As you have almost all said its about not showing that us non-believers, atheists or what ever label you give it( i prefer to call it Are as moral, if in fact not more so( we would never have tried such a blatantly evil and self serving stunt) than they. It is the way it is and I for one am scared that it is going to get worse as we get more vocal. Not that that would stop me screeching it from the rooftops. It seems that because he wanted to put it on an even footing with the big boys they simply shut him down. And that is cancer research for funk sake. I have only just heard of this, this evening and am amazed that it was not world wide big news. Then i thought about it and now the amazement has been replaced by disgust. Shame on them and their stone age moral code. But its not about slagging them off its about fighting them. But I dont know how. Give me some ideas. Cause we really need to be more proactive than we are being. We need to match them. This has turned into a total rant as my comments so often do these days. But I am getting so pissed off about every little chip they have at us. again apologies for the rant thanks for listening if you have. Darwin rules

Wed, 28 Sep 2011 20:02:13 UTC | #876066

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