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I don't know where I heard this joke and I don't remember it exactly:

There's a group of Jews trying to figure out, how much to give to Yahweh. How much of their money he "deserves". Some say 10%, others 50, some say 30% and so on. The discussion goes on forever. Finally, a sceptic Jew takes charge and says: "Listen up. Take all your money and throw it in the air. What Yahweh catches before it falls on the ground, is his". :)

Sat, 12 May 2012 23:34:36 UTC | #941240

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The discussion around the correct labeling of an atheistic movement is borderline-mentally handicapped, per definition.

That's my short version of a fitting analysis.

The more in-depth analysis looks as follows: And atheistic movement has a certain property, which, by definition, makes it different from other movements; it is a movement trying to spread the idea of an existence of a group of people, who do not believe or follow any Theistic ideology, theology or law system based on said believes.

On top of that, by making the statement above, the atheistic movement, makes an additional claim; there is no function of the state, the government or as an individual, (be it as a member of a group, a family, society or the human species as a whole) which requires one to accept the validity of supernatural claims, in order to exist and function properly.

A member of a group, which is defined by the property above and makes the claim in the last paragraph, is a part of the atheistic movement.

The member of the atheistic movement is to be called an Atheist, just as a citizen of a European country is to be called an European.

So all in all, an Atheist is (surprisingly or rather not), an Atheist.

Calling him a Bright, Dull, Square, Member of the Eternal FlowerPower Society, Uiuhiduhaigfhgfshgf-ist or 18273879-ist doesn't make a difference, at all. Because after all, his essential ethical and ideological believes can be summed up by the property and claims made above.

An Atheist is an Atheist.

Sat, 12 May 2012 00:32:46 UTC | #941109

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Comment 26 by aquilacane :

Answer to Richard.

A moderate Muslim is one who believes you should die but is too chicken-shit spineless and without the adequate capacity for self determination to actually go out and kill you themselves.

Yeah, it's like a moderate Christian;

Christian: "I don't think You deserve to go to Hell" Atheist: "But listen, I don't believe in a God and beside that I don't believe x,y or z. Clearly, You must think I deserve to go to Hell, based on following the rules of Your religion" Christian: "Well, only God can decide that".


That's the MODERATE bit for y'all.

Btw, I would like to point out, that just because some part of a religious group (aka "Religion") distances itself from some actions of its other parts, doesn't say much. You have to understand, that often it is out of pragmatic motivations; a community which produces radicals needs to distance itself ON THE SURFACE from said radicals, in order to be able to produce MORE of them; otherwise, their cause may suffer, being that they will be more closely watched/their actions monitored by the governments/police of the country said crime happened in.

Sure, there are many "secularized" sub-groups or individuals, but the systems behind them need to protect THE SYSTEM; of course the more logical thing to do is to distance yourself from the "outlaws" of your group. But it doesn't necessarily say a thing about your true stance on the actions of the "misguided few".

Mon, 13 Feb 2012 15:40:58 UTC | #917209

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Comment 5 by Perfect Tommy :

So far the tally is around 10 billion total for the entire cost of construction and subsequent servicing missions over the years. That is paltry, paltry, compared to what we spend on the military every year. How anyone can say this is a waste of money is beyond my imagination.

Roughly 500 billion dollars is spent every year, worldwide, in the advertisement industry. Here, we have spent 10 billion dollars advertising space. "Cool ad, I'm buying" :)

Tue, 07 Feb 2012 06:47:40 UTC | #915231

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Comment 14 by blitz442 :

Comment 12 by Quine

I remember, at one point, reading that WLC believed the reason his all loving deity could justify sending someone to Hell for an infinite amount of torture for some finite amount of "sin" was because, finding oneself in Hell one would naturally hate the deity, and that would be an ongoing sin that needed ongoing punishment. Really? Perfect love, you say?

So in his mind, it's not a sin to torture someone but it's a sin to dislike the torturer. So the only way out is for the tortured to unnaturally start loving the torturer.

Tortured logic does not begin to describe this.

Yup, WLC just proved for us, that blasphemy might be a victimless crime, but what it surely builds on is the Stockholm Syndrome.

Sun, 05 Feb 2012 23:43:23 UTC | #914916

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