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An American Atheist? Now there's a brave person. There appears to be quite some resentment of Dawkins in parts of the U.S. Or am I simply blinded by Fox News?

Mon, 17 Oct 2011 16:26:05 UTC | #881533

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I suppose we (atheists) can take comfort in the fact that there is a real possibilty that science and religion gradually converge. It is the case that even in the Vatican questions are being asked about the validity of many events recorded in the Bible. American evangelists strive to find explanations which adapt their fundamental view of Creationism, like Intelligent Design, so that they can justify their opposition Evolution Theory. I think there is an amendment to ID developing currently. Scientists at the same time are showing increasing signs of amazement as they work to unravel the mysteries of the universe. "The God particle" and "Goldilocks" betray an implied view that no matter how far they progress there will remain unanswered questions. Such a view is not inconsisent with atheism. The absence of a Divine personal God who created the universe, earth, and mankind does not mean we cannot wonder in amazement at the world we live in. As Professor Dawkins said, we human beings alive are miracles given the huge odds stacked against our struggle for existence. (well I think that's what he meant!)
Hope this makes sense.

Wed, 07 Sep 2011 18:28:44 UTC | #868340

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I read the extracts of Magic in Eureka (The Times). If they are representative of the whole book then we have a true classic about to emerge. As the introduction (in Eureka) states, Richard Dawkins will join Ernst Gombrich in producing a brilliant window to a huge and complex subject.

Thu, 01 Sep 2011 20:07:13 UTC | #866438

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