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Comment 115 by Steve Zara

I disagree that the expression of faith is always "political" but I will let you own your opinion. I am more concerned about your last statement:

I'm pretty chilled, honestly. I'm just rather irritated by the idea that we should allow the falsehoods and moral bankruptcy of theism to continue.

So ... it is really you who are political! What are you going to do about being "irritated by the idea we should allow the falsehoods and moral bankruptcy of theism to continue." What can you do in a democracy that cherishes the freedoms we do? Should we amend the constitution? Should we outlaw religions? Burn down the houses of worship? Make believers wear arm bands and tattoo them? March believers to the ovens? Well you know where I'm going. We both know nothing like these actions are going to happen. So, what's left? You are irritated, angry and biased ... just like I said.

I like Hitchens and hope he recovers but in the meantime and even if he recovers and goes back to work, why don't you write and debate? And I mean beyond this forum where people mainly preach to the choir. Writing a book would be a good catharsis and its better than stewing in your irritation. Once you have something in print, you can start the debate side of the gig. If you do it, I suggest you take some points from Hitches' play book ... he is always professional. And I think you can do it all!

Mon, 19 Sep 2011 05:14:40 UTC | #872471

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Comment 86 by Muldanian

To be honest, the only reason I was ever part of any religion was because of my fear of death. I believe that this is the reason that most people become a part of any religion, it just so happens that many seem to be able to deny this reality, even from themselves, whereas I never was able to do this.

Even though I am atheist who dismisses the mythological gods of religion I still have hope for an afterlife. I really do not care what other atheists say in the sense that I explore things for myself and others do not think for me. At the same time I am not saying I can prove there is an afterlife. But hope is not something you prove anyway. Physics, the mechanisms of evolution, the science of the brain etc. are all incomplete works and death is something many people assume they understand. I think there much more to be learned. We have this life and it is filled with marvels ... and it is rewarding enough. But, maybe there is more to come ... :)

I suggest you ignore the mean commentary. Many atheists are dealing with hatred/anger issues and need to vent. Okay ...

Mon, 19 Sep 2011 04:50:05 UTC | #872467

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Comment 433 by decius

You are right, Ken. I meant "publicly available". The way I reproduced it here in with proper attribution should be regarded as fair. However, i regret that I can no longer edit the comment since a link would have sufficed, and I didn't meant to cause you any distress.

Feel free to report the case to the mods, I'm shaking in fear.

I have reported it to the mods and am waiting for a reply. You do not have the right to publish my work in the manner you did without my permission. The issue is not about whether or not you shake in fear. I merely want my poem deleted from your post.

Mon, 19 Sep 2011 02:44:42 UTC | #872458

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Comment 108 by Steve Zara

No, it really isn't. We should not tolerate political views that celebrate ignorance, that praise delusion. We should not tolerate political views that demand the right to discriminate. We should not tolerate political views that insist on respect while women are viewed as a fraction of the worth of men.

Public statements of religious faith are political statements. They express views on how the world should be, and what rules we should conform to. Furthermore, they insist that to question their political views is taboo; equivalent to racism, to persecution.

We have been tolerant for far too long. It's too small a world for the nasty combination of fantasy and bigotry that is theism to be considered an acceptable part of our societies.

No you are wrong Steve. My mother expressed her faith and did not have a political bone in her body. Ditto, for many others. Your anger and biases are clearly expressed. I suggest lighten up, this world is amazing, look around at the marvels and chill out!

Mon, 19 Sep 2011 01:21:09 UTC | #872439

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Comment 429 by decius

Yes it is my poem and that you do not care for it is not an issue. However I do own the copyright and it is not in the public domain. You cannot publish it here without permission and I will report this to the mods!

Comment to the others who made recent posts.

None of the recent posts is of any substance, just more ranting; neither are they related to the subject of this thread's theme.

Mon, 19 Sep 2011 00:41:16 UTC | #872432

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