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Go to: Despite oppression, Black atheists fight to be heard

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People if you think its tough being a minority in a minority group in America, then try to be an atheist in Africa within the African community, where some people dont think its even possible to be one, and in some places you run the risk of being accused of being the devil incarnate. Which might have serious repurcusions.

I've given up on trying to reason or explain myself to people, its highly frustrating. Not that I dont feel for Austin, I do really, and can relate, but he lives in a country that, (although its still highly prevalent) is fastly awakening to religious absurdities.

This, because it seems the American preachers have now turned their attention to Africa. Here in South africa, are now coming in droves, because apparently America (and Europe) is under attack from the devil and god is doing wonders and moving mightily here in Africa.

Mon, 02 Apr 2012 21:17:39 UTC | #932001

Go to: South African church billboard banned following atheist complaint

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Oh! Dear, I missed it. I think its funny n another sign of desperation from the religious, though I certainly understand Gerber's position (for those that are now shooting him down). SA is a highy religious n superstitious country. We are such a minority here that most plp that I interact with daily dont even know what an atheist is or that its even possible to be one. Strange I know but maybe for Gerber it was less abt the billboard but a frustrated inner voice (not the whisper that jesus favors others with) that just want to be heard,that wants to announce its presence n be taken siriously too. Not that it matters to everyone.

Thu, 19 Jan 2012 20:51:24 UTC | #909955

Go to: African fossils put new spin on human origins story

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The biggest (broadsheet) daily newspaper here in South Africa, today (9 of Sep) had on its front page, the Rev Bishop Desmont Tutu with a hand of A.Sediba held high and parallel to his own, and with him saying - its been said countless times that mankind originated from Africa, and here is proof. The Rev himself, and this is not a joke.

Fri, 09 Sep 2011 20:47:12 UTC | #869003

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